21st April 2017

Aquabox – Providing Clean Water

Hydro-X Community Support:
Aquabox – providing clean water in crisis areas

Who are Aquabox?

hydro-x.co.ukAquabox was launched as a charity in 1992 by the Rotary Club of Wirksworth in Derbyshire, UK, with support from Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland and has retained that status to this day. Aquabox is one of the earliest of Rotary International (Britain and Ireland) box aid schemes providing clean water and humanitarian aid.

The charity was set up to provide safe drinking water to those affected by crisis. The packing of the boxes is undertaken by volunteers from Wirksworth aswell as schools, college, churches and youth organisations that purchase and pack the boxes. Each Aquabox ‘Gold’ box includes a Family filter that can produce approximately 18,000 litres of clean drinking water and costs the charity approximately £125 to put together and to send.

Aquabox Clean Water


     An Aquabox Gold box contents:

  • AquaFilter Family
  • Robust, custom-designed box with varied uses
  • 2 survival bags
  • Instructional “cartoon”
  • Filled with new, specially purchased, humanitarian good

Aquabox remains a leading provider of clean water and other humanitarian aid.

Hydro-X and Aquabox
Hydro-X have worked closely with Aquabox for the last year, as a financial supporter. Providing funding to cover administration cost, staff cost and the running of the business. Having financial supporters such as Hydro-X allows Aquabox to use donations solely for providing aid to those in need. This means donations made to the charity are not used to cover running costs of the business.

Making a difference
Since Aquabox was established over 20 years ago the charity had been effective at delivering clean water in emergencies. Aquabox responds to emergency events around the world including recent projects in Syria, Gambia, Philippines and Guatemala. Since 2013 Aquabox has sent over 1600 Gold boxes and 90 community filters to those affected by the fighting in Syria. Sending aid worth £140,000 to Syrian people and communities.

In 2012 Aquabox celebrated the dispatching of 100,000 boxes, estimated at a total of 12.5 million. These boxes were shipped to over 50 different countries around the world.  The latest shipment of boxes was to Haiti of 500 Gold boxes in 2016.

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