The Hydro-Fil Case Study

A case study focusing on increasing closed system efficiency, life span, reducing downtime and non-budgeted costs using Hydro-X’s Hydro-Fil system.

Having reached the end of their life cycle the boilers on the low-pressure hot water (LPHW) system at one of our prestigious customers sites were planned for replacement

As part of the new system assessment process, the water quality of the system was found to be unsatisfactory. Hydro-X was consequently engaged to consult on the most efficient method to remediate the system waters with minimal down time and in a sustainable manner.

After detailed testing, the system water was found to contain high levels of metal and sedimentary deposits, that if left untreated would seriously hamper the correct and efficient operation of the new boilers.

Hydro-X’s recommendation was to develop a bespoke solution for our customer, using our Hydro-Fil online filtration system. This method was used to achieve an economical and reliable treatment of the LPHW system by efficiently removing sediment, sludge and magnetic particles all whilst the network was live.


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