Process Engineering in the Food & Beverage Sector

The UK food and beverage manufacturing industry is the biggest single manufacturing sector in the UK. The industry contributes £31.1bn to the economy, and has an annual turnover of over £100bn accounting for nearly 20% of UK manufacturing. The industry employs around 400,000 people, all in all.

Food and beverage producers and those in the supply chain are under constant pressure to improve quality, increase range, and reduce costs. These influencing drivers include; retailers and consumers, regulation and external quality organisations, internal cost and output drivers. Sustainability is another key driver in this industry. Within sustainable development, there are 3 major components: social, environmental, and economic. This is known as the “triple bottom line”.

Water is used in a variety of processes, from the washing of product to equipment cleaning, energy transfer (cooking and cooling), to water as an ingredient in sauces and drinks. All water brought into a site which is not used in the product, or reused, (or other losses such as steam venting and leaks) is discharged as a waste product.

Achieving sustainable cost savings with Hydro-X Engineering

From canning to frozen food, farm to ready to eat, we know the importance of understanding that each facility faces different water, wastewater, and process engineering challenges. It’s why Hydro-X Engineering are fully committed to providing a flexible water treatment engineering to match your needs.

We start with a good old-fashioned conversation. Not only to discuss the challenges being faced but also to ensure all parties understand the wider logistical, financial, ecological and sustainability issues at hand. This initial consultation is then followed up with a site survey and a meeting with all key stakeholders for additional peace of mind.

Next, it’s time for us at Hydro-X Engineering to get to work. Researching the problem, equipment and process engineering considerations, as well as in some cases carrying out lab work, field tests, and analysis.

We can then present our proposal that will include an overview of the challenge and opportunity at hand. We include at this stage an investment figure. This will give us the ability to discuss funding options as well as Return On Investment (ROI) payback. The implementation of Hydro-X Engineering’s work should be as seamless and low-impact for our customers as possible. This means that we work tightly to pre-arranged project plans, with key milestones and deliverables agreed in advance. All delivered by our project management and installation engineers, who we believe are the best in the industry.

Once our bespoke equipment is installed and commissioned, we hand the system over to our customer, safe in the knowledge that all Hydro-X Engineering projects are completed with the long-term future in mind. Because we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our entire team, as well as the quality of the finished project. This commitment to quality and our customers is delivered within our ongoing service and maintenance package, ensuring all cost and performance efficiencies remain at the cutting-edge of water treatment technology.

Hydro-X Engineering offer a full range of customised engineering solutions to water treatment challenges

Our products and services can include:

  • Bespoke water treatment engineering solutions.
  • Packaged pre-treatment: water softeners, water distribution, reverse osmosis (RO) and membrane systems, as well as ion-exchange systems.
  • Process and wastewater treatment and reuse systems.
  • System remote monitoring with data analysis
  • Chemical dosing and control systems, including remote chemical usage and level monitoring.
  • Dilapidation and condition surveys
  • Servicing & maintenance
  • Repairs of water treatment equipment.
  • Biofilm and scale monitoring systems, linked to automatic dosing for live remediation.
  • Cooling tower bleed recovery systems, to capture and reuse cooling tower wastewater.


Are you ready to reduce water, waste, and energy through process engineering? Request a callback from one of our team today…