Government Buildings

Hydro-X Fire has the expertise to work with you in a safe and efficient manner in order to ensure the compliance of your fire safety systems so that all staff and visitors to your building can work in a safe environment.

Hydro-X have a significant amount of experience working in various government buildings and complying to the required security measures. No matter whether we are working in MOD locations, hospitals, or army barracks we ensure that our staff are compliant with:

  • The required high level of clearance and any security measures that go with this.
  • The relevant escorting procedures to ensure the safety of all personnel on site.
  • Experience in complying and working within with high security sites and procedures required within these sites.

Our staff have an in-depth understanding of working in environments considered high risk from a variety of industry sectors. This understanding and experience, coupled with our in-depth RAMS procedures, means Hydro-X Fire are confident in overcoming site-specific risks efficiently and safely.

Listed below are some of the services we offer so that you are compliant with the relevant legislation and everyone in your building is safe:

Hydro-X Fire has the expertise to give you peace of mind and work with you to deliver a compliant air management programme to ensure all public sector staff and visitors to a building are working in a clean air environment.