Due to Hydro-X Fire’s experience in this field, we are able to maintain a sensitive approach for each client so that the patients, staff and the public can maintain their dignity.

Our goal is to ensure that your premises are compliant to the meticulous standards set out in HTM 05-01 whilst doing our utmost to make sure that no patients or staff are interrupted or disturbed while we carry out essential building maintenance works.

Healthcare premises group together a high public traffic with constant staff movements and people with varying degrees of vulnerability. This unique mix of people, most of which do not have any knowledge of the buildings emergency procedure in the event of a fire, is why the maintenance of the passive fire elements is so important in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare premises may have multiple strategies in a single building depending on the services provided in it. In the extreme case of “Stay Put” policies the integrity of the passive fire protections are crucial to impede the spread of fire and provide a safe haven long enough for the emergency services to contain the fire and evacuate the area.

Hydro-X Fire’s in-depth procedures and experience in this particular sector means that we can effectively and efficiently deal with any site-specific problems that may arise. We are also conscious of the unique challenges that can be face in this environment and how best to approach them.

All of our staff are enhanced DBS checked when they start work for us which can help to provide peace of mind for you and us about their suitability and credibility. We are proud of the role we can play in the UK’s healthcare system and the safety of everyone inside the buildings.

Hydro-X Air takes pride in delivering it’s services to UK healthcare systems in an efficient manner a contribution to the safety and welfare of all occupants of the buildings maintained.

Our wide scope of works includes; Fire damper testing;- installations and replacements;- Fire stopping measures;- access door installations and Fire Door Inspections. This ensures peace of mind for you and everyone in your buildings.

If you would like any further information, require a competitive quote or wish to submit any tender details please do not hesitate to use any of the contact methods below.