Due to the activities commonly found in hospitality venues and the added difficulties they pose, there are additional legislations that come in to play when dealing with sleeping accommodations and industrial kitchens.

Fast acting and efficient detection and prevention measures are required alongside any passive fire protections to ensure the safety of any occupants in the venue.

In this sector, we understand the need for varying hours of work. As well as the difficulties posed by services in tight spaces behind aesthetic facades.

This is why Hydro-X Fire professional manner and experienced staff allows us to work alongside your activity and deliver our expertise and services at a time that is convenient to you and your business to ensure that your venue is compliant with required legislations and guidelines.

Due to our quality of service and rigorous due diligence, Hydro-X Fire has many happy and loyal customers ranging from small kitchens to large hospitality contracts covering numerous sites.

All our engineers can provide a report which can be issue to you within 24 hours of the job being completed. This is due to our bespoke software that means Hydro-X Fire engineers can fill in the paperwork live onsite.