Heating System Analysis

Get Ready for Winter

Winter is finally here, bringing with it the rain and the cold temperatures. Now is the time to reawaken your boilers  – but are they working at full capacity? By carrying out a heating system analysis you can ensure your boiler systems aren’t full of corrosion or have had a build-up of bacteria throughout their dormant periods.

Heating System Analysis

Hydro-X can help you prepare for winter by carrying out an on-site chemical water analysis just to make sure everything is working as it should be. For a fixed price of £99.99 (ex VAT), our engineers will analyse up to 2 systems, conduct the relevant tests and once the results have been produced, we can advise you on how to proceed forward with the appropriate actions, if required. Please note for any additional systems, there will be an extra £25 charge per system.

The advantages of an on-site closed system analysis include;

  • Helping to identify corrosion and scaling
  • Help identify potentially hazardous biological contamination
  • Help form a plan to clean and ensure the respective systems run as efficiently as possible

It is also recommended that any chilled water systems you have on your premises are checked – again, with the temperature drops, it is important to be sure your systems will not freeze and cause an unplanned shut down. Hydro-X provide Glycol, which is used to prevent the freezing of chilled water systems over the winter months.

If you have a need for an inhibitor test, chemicals, or feel you require a once over check on your boiler, heating and chilled water systems, over the winter – in particular between December and February – please get in touch.

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