Manual Handling Course

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This Manual Handling Course covers a wide range of lifting activities.

Incorrect manual handling is the most common cause of work injuries.  By completing our online training course covering manual handling techniques you are decreasing the risk of injury from manual handling, resulting in fewer work-related injuries.

Approved by IIRSM and CPD

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Aims of the Course

On the completion of this Manual Handling Course you will:

  • Understand the meaning of manual handling and the common injuries caused by poor manual handling techniques
  • Have the ability to identify manual handling hazards
  • Have the ability to take out a manual handling risk assessment
  • Understand how to work safely using manual handling techniques within your workplace
  • Follow manual handling procedures

Who is our Manual Handling Course suitable for?

Our Manual Handling Training Course is suitable for all employees at all levels that are required to lift items as part of their work.

Training your employees with our online course will go a long way to giving them greater awareness of the dangers that poor manual handling poses, as well as covering safe handling techniques, manual handling procedures, practical solutions to manual handling issues and the use of mechanical aids.

Course Information and Details

Manual handling, or to be accurate, incorrect manual handling, is one of the most common causes of injury at work.

To try and combat manual handling problems, the Manual Handling Operations Regulations were introduced.

The Regulations layout duties for both employees and employers. They give a general requirement that employees must be trained to manually handle correctly, including the use of any equipment their employer provides to handle loads safely.

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The course is divided into 6 video-based interactive modules and includes an assessment at the end of each. There is no time constraint on each module, and you may save your progress at any point.

  • What is Manual Handling? – the importance of correct manual handling and Manual handling training courses, injuries associated with manual handling
  • Manual Handling Regulations
  • Safe Handling – how to perform safe manual handling, reducing and controlling risks
  • Learning Safe Handling Habits – Manual handling techniques, manual handling procedures, lifting from different levels, team handling, posture and weight limits
  • Practical Manual Handling Solutions
  • Use of Mechanical Aids – when is appropriate to use and how to use
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Manual Handling Course Assessment

Duration 75 minutes. This is based on the amount of video content shown. It does not account for time answering the questions.

At the end of each module, you will have a number of multiple choice questions to answer based on the content that has been presented to you.

You have 3 attempts to pass each module. If you fail after 3 attempts, the module becomes locked and will need to be unlocked by an administrator. You have 3 ‘unlocks’ over the duration of the course. If you use your 3 ‘unlocks’ you will be deemed to have failed the course and no further attempts will be given.


On successful completion of our Manual Handling Training Course, a printable certificate will be made immediately available to you to download via our training portal. This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

This course is approved by IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management), and CPD (the Continuing Professional Development Service), as providing quality and content-approved training.

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Most people complete this course in 90 minutes

Approved by IIRSM and CPD

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