Online Legionella Awareness Training (HXT-01-Remote)

£140.00 (ex-VAT)

Our (ACoP L8) City and Guilds Online Legionella Awareness Training Course is designed for all persons involved in any form of Legionella control without overall responsibility.

You will have a live trainer delivering the course via our LIVE Remote Training platform.

This (ACoP L8) Online Legionella Awareness Course raises awareness in order to prevent water-borne diseases caused by Legionella bacteria.

For junior operatives, and those requiring refresher training, this course is ideal.

We also have a CLASSROOM VERSION OF THIS COURSE, and can deliver it at your own premises subject to a minimum of 5 delegates.

Looking for RESPONSIBLE PERSON TRAINING, we have that covered too.

This Course is a City and Guilds Accredited Programme





How Our Online Legionella Awareness Training Works

All of our ‘Learn Anywhere‘ Legionella Courses are delivered via an innovative and user-friendly live web-conferencing platform. You don’t have to have a supercomputer to use it, or even be very good with IT – in fact our platform works just as well on a tablet device as it does on a laptop or PC – think Skype with lots of bells and whistles that allow you to fully engage with the trainer and the learning content, and even take your assessment electronically right at the end of the course.

After you’ve completed purchasing this course we will contact you within 24hrs to book a date and time for your Legionella Training, which is typically conducted on a Monday or a Friday – am and pm – but we are always willing to be flexible subject to availability.

If your requirement is more urgent, or you just want to discuss the course, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or continue reading for further details.

If you’re still not sure if this course is right for you, we’re always on hand to guide you to the right option.

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3hr ‘Learn Anywhere’ Remote Course

Face to Face or Online Options to suit you

City and Guilds Certification
(normally within 48hrs)

Aims of this (ACoP L8) Legionella Training Course

On completion of our Online Legionella Awareness Training Course you will:

  • Know how legionella bacteria enter water systems and how we may contract legionnaires’ disease.
  • Understand legionella bacteria.
  • Know conditions that legionella favour for proliferation.
  • Understand aerosol generation and its importance in legionella control.
  • Know the basics behind the ACOP L8 and HSG 274.
  • Know the importance of the management pathway.
  • Know the basics behind a Legionella Risk Assessment.
  • Know the importance of the written scheme.
  • Know the water systems that represent a reasonably foreseeable risk.
  • Know inspection / monitoring practises of hot and cold-water systems.

Who is our (ACoP L8) City and Guilds Online Legionella Awareness Training Course suitable for?

Being an online course, our Online Legionella Awareness Course is ideal for those that don’t want the additional costs and time associated with Open Courses, but need the benefits of a trainer-driven course.

This Legionella Awareness Training Course is suitable for:

  • Anyone who is involved in water system hygiene control
  • Anyone who may be exposed to aerosols created from water systems
  • Experienced staff who have not undergone Legionella Awareness Training for several years and require a refresher

This Legionella Awareness course represents the minimum level of training that you may require if you meet one of the above criteria.

Download Legionella Awareness Training Course Description Here:

Legionella Training City and Guilds

Course Information and Details

Our City and Guilds Online Legionella Awareness Training Course is unique in that we are able to deliver high quality trainer-based tuition remotely via our online live training platform.

This means that if you need trainer-guided learning in Legionella Awareness, but you don’t have the time to wait for and attend a physical training venue, you can book onto a 3hr remote session that suits you – all delivered live by our fully qualified trainers.

The content is exactly the same as that covered in our classroom Legionella Awareness courses, but done in the comfort of your own home or office, and you still receive the same City and Guilds Accredited Program certificate.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has guidelines and instructions (ACop L8 and HSG 274) that specifically state that lack of training is a key causative factor in Legionella outbreaks, and in controlling the risk associated with managing water systems.

This course covers the very basics of Legionella Risk Control and can meet company and legislative compliance requirements.

This course fully complies with the latest updates and changes of the ACoP L8, and HSG 274.

If you would rather have a face to face training experience,  we offer this same course in a classroom setting, taking place at many venues around the country. For more information please go to our CLASSROOM LEGIONELLA AWARENESS TRAINING COURSE

We also offer an on-site training option, whereby our specialist Legionella Trainer comes to your site. This on-site option is ideal if you have 5 or more delegates. For more information please CONTACT ONE OF OUR TEAM.


**Please note that once a course is booked, payment is taken immediately as confirmation of booking, and is normally non-refundable


The course covers 11 topic areas, with interactive quizzes throughout to aid learning.

  • Legionella bacteria – Conditions that allow Legionella bacteria to proliferate in water systems
  • Illnesses caused by Legionella bacteria
  • Who is more susceptible to Legionnaires Disease – The factors that may increase the risk of an individual contracting Legionnaires Disease
  • The different ways Legionella bacteria can enter the lung – Known routes of transmission
  • Biofilm – and materials suitable to line water vessels
  • ACOP L8 and HSG 274 – recommendations and compliance
  • Stages involved in the implementation of a Management Pathway
  • Risk Assessment – circumstances that should lead to a review of the Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Written Scheme – what is a written scheme?
  • Cooling Systems – a review  of the functions and associated risks
  • Temperatures – the HSE recommendations for the management of Hot & Cold-water systems


3hr training session with a multiple choice assessment

This Online Legionella Awareness Training is delivered remotely via our online LIVE training platform, whereby delegates will form part of a small group participating jointly in the training. The core of the training takes the form of Trainer explanation and presentation, Q and A, videos, and assessment.

At the end of the course, the delegate undertakes a multiple choice assessment consisting of around 20 questions. A 75% pass grade is required.

PLEASE NOTE: this is an exclusively ONLINE course, therefore,  you must have a minimum reliable 512 kbps internet connection.


On successful completion of this Online Legionella Awareness Training Course you will receive a City and Guilds Accredited Programme Certificate.

A digital certificate will be made available for you to download normally within 48hrs of successfully completing this course.

Paper copies of certificates can be supplied subject to a small administration fee.




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