Safeguarding Adults Training Course

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You and the organisation you work for must take appropriate measures for the protection of adults in your care, while still ensuring they are supported and empowered.

Our Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Training Course can bring you one step closer to being able to do this.

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Aims of the Course

On completion of our Safeguarding Adults Training Course you will:

  • Understand the meaning of safeguarding vulnerable adults and the importance of training
  • Understand which adults are more at risk of abuse
  • Understand the different types of abuse
  • Know how to respond if you are concerned about abuse to a vulnerable adult
  • Have the ability to report any concerns you may have
  • Understand the process of safeguarding and the next steps

Who is our Safeguarding Adults Training Course suitable for?

This Safeguarding Adults Training Course is aimed at anyone who has a duty of care for or comes into contact with, adults in need of care and support, either as a paid professional or a volunteer.

This includes, but is not limited to those that work in domiciliary care, the NHS, community centres, prisons or with a family member at home, and sets out the roles and responsibilities everyone must undertake to protect an adult’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.

Course Information and Details

Abuse occurs to vulnerable adults when they are mistreated, neglected or harmed by another person who holds a position of trust.

Abuse can happen anywhere in a person’s own home, residential or nursing home, hospital, workplace, day center or educational establishment.

Safeguarding protects vulnerable adults at risk of abuse or neglect.

During this course you will hear many facts, figures and details surrounding the risks to adults in need of care and support, the types of abuse suffered, and key safeguarding legislation put in place to minimise the abuse of adults with care and support needs. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of safeguarding principles and be able to apply them to your job role.

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The course is divided into 5 video-based interactive modules and includes an assessment at the end of each. There is no time constraint on each module, and you may save your progress at any point.

  • Introduction and Definitions – who is a vulnerable adult, the importance of safeguarding training
  • Types of Abuse and the Rights of Vulnerable Adults – the different types of abuse
  • Recognising the Signs of Abuse – how to effectively recognise the signs of abuse
  • What to Do if you Suspect Abuse – who to report to, your responsibilities, checking existing records and what to do next
  • Safeguarding Legislation
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Duration 75 minutes. This is based on the amount of video content shown. It does not account for time answering the questions.

At the end of each module, you will have a number of multiple choice questions to answer based on the content that has been presented to you.

You have 3 attempts to pass each module. If you fail after 3 attempts, the module becomes locked and will need to be unlocked by an administrator. You have 3 ‘unlocks’ over the duration of the course. If you use your 3 ‘unlocks’ you will be deemed to have failed the course and no further attempts will be given.


On successful completion of our Safeguarding Adults Training Course, a printable certificate will be made immediately available to you to download via our training portal. This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

This course is approved by CPD (the Continuing Professional Development Service), as providing quality and content-approved training.

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Most people complete this course in 90 minutes

Approved by CPD

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