Working Safely Course

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This course covers the importance of Working Safely, identifying common hazards and risk, improving safety performance, and protecting the environment.

Effective Health and Safety training is a key part of changing attitudes towards risks within the workplace. Ensuring all staff have relevant training and the ability to work safely can make a real difference to your workplace safety.

Approved by IIRSM and RoSPA

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Aims of the Course

On the successful completion of this Working Safely course you will have:

  • An understanding of the what is meant by working safely
  • The ability to define hazards and risks within the workplace
  • The ability to identify common hazards
  • An understanding of how to work safely and minimise risk

Who is our Working Safely Course suitable for?

This online Working Safely course is suitable for all staff – both employers and employees.

Course Information and Details

As employees we have an absolute expectation to be safe within the workplace, leaving at the end of the day without injury and accident.

Unfortunately, in reality workers are injured every day within the UK. 621,000 injuries occurred at work according to the Labour Force Survey for 2016/17, with an astonishing 137 workers killed according to the HSE’s ‘killed in Fatal injuries arising from accidents at work in Great Britain 2017’ report.

this highlights the crucial importance of health and safety training within the workplace.

Our online Working Safely course is ideal for all staff, in the interests of keeping all employee and employers safe in the workplace.

Managing safety effectively is beneficial for all concerned. There are three main reasons for managing risk in the workplace:

  • Moral – crucial to ensure no harm comes to worker and colleagues
  • Legislations and regulations – the law requires it! It is a legal requirement to meet the necessary health and safety standards
  • Financial – all accidents bare cost for both parties involved

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The course is divided into 3 video-based interactive modules and includes an assessment at the end of each. There is no time constraint on each module, and you may save your progress at any point.

  • Introducing working safely – Introduction to safety in the workplace and managing safety
  • Defining Hazard and Risk – what are the risk and hazards associated with the workplace
  • Identifying Common Hazards – that may result in injuries and accidents in the workplace
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Duration 150 minutes. This is based on the amount of video content shown. It does not account for time answering the questions.

At the end of each module, you will have a number of multiple choice questions to answer based on the content that has been presented to you.

You have 3 attempts to pass each module. If you fail after 3 attempts, the module becomes locked and will need to be unlocked by an administrator. You have 3 ‘unlocks’ over the duration of the course. If you use your 3 ‘unlocks’ you will be deemed to have failed the course and no further attempts will be given.


On successful completion of our Safeguarding Adults Training Course, a printable certificate will be made immediately available to you to download via our training portal. This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

This course is approved by the IIRSM (International Institue of Risk Management), and RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)  as providing quality and content-approved training.

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Most people complete this course in 180 minutes

Approved by IIRSM and RoSPA

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