Can Water Softener Salt be used in Swimming Pools?

Can Water Softener Salt be used in Swimming Pools?

There’s no doubt that Water Softener Salt can be used in many different structures and for many different appliances, but can Water Softener Salt be used in Swimming Pools? With 14 million people swimming in the UK last year and swimming pools being used regularly around the country, this is an important question.

The emphatic answer is yes, it can.

One of the primary reasons for this is that the purity between WS Salt and Pool Salt is comparable.

Swimming Pools and Water Softener Salt  

It’s advised that a Swimming Pool functions fine with partially softened water rather than FULLY softened water. So throwing in a ton of Water Softener Salt into a Swimming Pool recklessly and without thought is definitely not what maintenance staff/pool proprietors should opt for.

It should always be remembered that the breaking down of hard water in a pool should be achieved over an extended period of time rather than over a rapid 24/48 hour turnaround. The production of brine does not happen fast enough to support an extremely swift process, which is why it should be done cautiously.

swimming pool water softener salt

The type of salt is also an important factor, with certain softener salt’s proving to be more of a hindrance to the pool water than a help – especially salt with a similar appearance to road salt.

If softener salt is added to your swimming pool, add the salt and it will start to break down unwanted build-up and encourage a more hygienic system.

Sidenote – Saltwater pools are more common in America rather than Europe and with their higher concentration of sodium chloride, do take less maintenance than a freshwater pool.

What is a Chlorine Generator?

A Salt Chlorine Generator is a device that has been invented with the aim to abolish elements in the water which could cause an issue, examples of these would be

  • Sulfur
  • Manganese
  • Iron

These generators produce vital chlorine to help a pool’s maintenance, and it’s created specifically from the salt within the brine solution. The most popular devices are bespoke and flexible and the amount produced can be changed dependant on the size and specifications of the system.

Salt Tablets or Salt Granules can both be used in swimming pools alongside these to great success.

What is Solar Salt?

Solar Salt is another type of Salt that can be used to convert hard water into a softer, more manageable substance. Can Water Softener Salt be used in a Swimming Pool

The crystals used within solar salt are at the top end of the purity scale, with an opaque, white appearance.

These crystals are formed with the use of the sun (hence the name) when salt water is evaporated.

Swimming pool Salt generators are looking to increase a pool’s chlorine levels which therefore sanitises the water, allowing users of it to be at less of a risk of infection or disease.

You can also think of salt as table salt to make it more relatable to everyday use, the general consensus should shift as an excessive amount of members of the public can view it as a chemical rather than from the same family as salt used on chips. We’ve established that Water Softener Salt CAN be used in Swimming pools, and this applies to the three formats, tablets, granules and blocks.

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