Coronavirus Disinfection Service

Specialist Healthcare and Non-Healthcare COVID-19 Disinfection Services

Our dedicated team are proud to provide specialist Coronavirus disinfection services for all premises.

This includes Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes and buildings in a variety of commercial sectors. We are actively sanitising and reducing the risk of spread of the Coronavirus already, and keeping people safer.

We have been successfully delivering environmental hygiene services for 35 years, ensuring companies are compliant with regulations and are able to keep employees and members of the public safe. We have all of the necessary equipment required in order to sanitise your site and to help control the outbreak of the Coronavirus. We will disinfect your:

  • Surfaces
  • Touchpoints
  • Equipment
  • Flooring

and any other elements that you require in the workplace. Our Coronavirus disinfection service adheres to the following standards:

  • BS EN 14675
  • BS EN 13704
  • BS EN 1650
  • BS EN 1276

Protecting your workplace from Coronavirus/COVID-19 with Surface Disinfection

Depending on the level of hygiene required for a building, Hydro-X can provide a sanitation team to undertake a disinfection on a one-off basis, or even daily, weekly or monthly. We cater for workplaces in all industries, including Healthcare.

Hospitals can require 24 hour service availability, which we can facilitate. We offer a full disinfection pre, post or mid-treatment to help lower the risk of COVID-19.

Our cleaning methodology involves:

  • Using Public Health England (PHE) recommended methods and products to disinfect/spray/scrub down all surfaces
  • Safely removing waste
  • Providing a digital certificate of disinfection

Key Points to remember about Our Disinfection Service

  1. Hydro-X are currently delivering this cleaning service in trusts and private organisations throughout the UK
  2. The methodology is as per the up-to-date Public Health England and Government guidelines
  3. Our pricing model remains the same or below our standard operating model and is based objectively on man-hours required – we refuse to profiteer
  4. This project is a cross-Hydro-X Group venture whereby we have pooled all of the resources of the Group to mobilise and offer this service quickly, effectively, and efficiently to support the National requirement for enhanced disinfection services.

Post-Clean Disinfection Report

A post-clean report will be compiled and sent to you same-day and will include the following:

  • An executive summary
  • Method Statement
  • Pre & Post Swab Sample Results
  • Digital Disinfection Certificate
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