Dipslides Comparison Chart

Microbiological Dipsldies Comparison Chart

Which dipslides should you use? This is a common question asked when evaluating the most suitable dip slides for your testing purposes. Our handy chart below has been designed to provide a basic comparison of the top 5 selling dip slides, helping you to select the right one. If in doubt, you can of course call us on 01909 666 708

Dipslide CodeSide 1 AgarSide 2 AgarMain IndustryTypical Use
RBSTTCRose Bengal ChloramphenicolGeneral PurposeGeneral Purpose
R2AR2A & TTCR2A & TTCDental Hygiene IndustryWater Testing
SCTPlat Count & TTCMacConkey No.3Food IndustryPoultry, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Water
TVPlat Count & NeutralisersVRGB & NeutralisersFood IndustryFood Safety, Dairy, farming
BT2Nutrient & TTCNutrient & TTCGeneral PurposeWater Hygiene Industries, Classroom
BTM2Nutrient & TTCMalt ExtractGeneral Purpose’Fuel bug’, Cooling Towers, Boiler Feed Water, Cutting Fluids