Frequently Asked Questions

Our 25 minute on-site Legionella test does not replace UK compliance requirements for UKAS accredited lab culture testing. If your water system circumstances dictate that lab testing is required, currently you MUST carry out a lab test, even though this will take 10-14 days to return a result. Lab tests are for compliance purposes. Our 25-minute on-site Legionella test is for risk management and risk reduction, and can be used in conjunction with lab tests if a faster result is required.
The ACoP L8 allows for rapid detection techniques to be used as part of a Legionella risk management regime.
Our test kit is highly specific for Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 (SG1). This is the variety of Legionella bacteria which is responsible for the majority of legionnaires disease cases and has been responsible for all known outbreaks of the disease.
To dispose of dipslides you should soak the dipslides in bleach for 30 minutes before disposing in regular waste.
All incubators serve the same non-complex purpose - to keep their contents at a tightly controlled fixed temperature. All of the incubators that HX Store supply are tried and tested for this simple but important function. Which incubator your require will depend on how may dipslides tests you will be completing, and how often. We have a range of 2-dipslide incubators up to 48-dipslide incubators. Our most popular dipslide incubator is the GNAT MX2. This small and handy 2-dipslide  incubator is cost effective and is easy to use - perfect for small volume testing.
All of our incubator are compatible with the standard UK dispslide size. If in doubt, please do call us.
Simply pop it in when you're checking out!
The downloadable report included in the kit can be used as a a Fit to Fly Certificate in most cases. However, please check with your airline and travel destination for travel requirements during these time. To view and download your COVID-19 'Fit to Fly' certificate, you will need to create an account with the lab's secure portal. All instructions on how to do so are included in the kit. What's more: your certificate will be available from the moment your result is received. All data is securely protected. For more information on Fit to Fly COVID-19 tests and certificates, please visit our article: > Fit to Fly COVID-19 Tests: Everything you need to know
The optimum temperature for dipslides to be stored at is between 8-15 degrees C. A cool, dark place is best to prolong shelf life.
The test kit should be stored preferably below 30 degrees C and free from moisture. Before using the your test kit, ensure the wrapper has not been damaged. Damaged wrappers may lead to the test being compromised.