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Out kits come typically with a 12-month shelf life
Our dipslides are typically delivered with a 6 month shelf life.
Our dipslides are the standard UK market size - the tube is approximately 3cm wide, 9.5 cm high, and and has an overall height of 11cm including the dipslide handle. Our dipslides will fit the vast majority of incubators available for purchase in the UK. If you are not sure of compatibility, please don't hesitate to call us.

We've worked hard over many years to build great working relationships and efficient supply chains in partnership with our suppliers.

This means that we are able to pass on savings to our customers where our competitors cannot.

We are so confident that we are able to offer the best prices for our products that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

If you can find a supplier that offers the same product for a total cost cheaper than us - contact us and we will match it!

What's more, on almost all of our products we are now able to offer next working day delivery, so you'll get your items faster too!

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Payment can be made with all major credit and debit cards through our secure SagePay platform. Alternatively, Purchase Order Numbers can be submitted hassle-free on the checkout page - simply select 'Purchase Order Payment' to the right of the screen..
The saliva test can be collected at any time of day. However, evidence suggests it could be better to provide a sample early in the morning rather than later in the day. Please ensure you do not eat, vape, smoke, drink or brush your teeth at least 1 hour before providing the saliva sample, as this can effect your results. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms (e.g. a dry cough, high temperature, or loss of taste and smell), it is recommended that you collect the saliva sample within the first 5 days of the symptoms started from. You shed more virus particles into your saliva during this time period, making easier and more accurate to detect COVID-19 in your sample. 1. Tajima, Y., Suda, Y., & Yano, K. A case report of SARS-CoV-2 confirmed in saliva specimens up to 37 days after onset: Proposal of saliva specimens for COVID-19 diagnosis and virus monitoring. Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy (2020)
This test kit is particularly useful in 5 situations: 1. In any environment without easy access to a lab. Many sites with critical water supplies are in remote locations without ready access to lab testing. On site testing provides invaluable reassurance. 2. Checking after a disinfection treatment. Once an infected water system has been treated, the faster it can be confirmed that the treatment has been effective, the faster everyone can get back to work. 3. Checking systems where control measures have gone out of conformance e.g. cold water too warm, hot water not hot enough, or biocide levels too low. The system may not be compromised, but a quick real time check will allay doubts and mitigate risks if a treatment is indicated. 4. Routine monitoring of water systems. If a water system is infected, then the faster this is identified the faster corrective action can be taken. The UK L8 guidelines rely heavily on the risk assessment procedure, which requires that testing regimes are tailored to specific circumstances of the water system. 5. Identifying source of outbreaks. If there is an outbreak it is important for both public health and legal reasons to establish the source as soon as possible. Immediate testing can provide immediate detection and should be carried out before any disinfection treatment as part of a sampling regime.

We are continuing to operate as normally as possible and are fulfilling our contractual obligations to our customers by continuing to deliver our products as close to on-time as possible.

The main impact on our service is delays in the supply chain owing to item shortages and distribution delays. On this basis we have disabled next-day delivery on all orders, and have live lead times on each product to indicate when you should expect to receive you items. For convenience we are noting this as WORKING DAYS.

PLEASE NOTE – where you have purchased multiple items of varying lead times, we will despatch your order as a single shipment based on the longest lead-time item.

We have disabled next-day delivery on all items as a precautionary measure, but if you have an emergency requirement please contact us directly and we may be able to despatch same day.

We thank all of our customers for their understanding in the current trading environment.

Here on the HX Store we offer a variety of dipslides to suit each industry. Please CLICK HERE to view our comparison chart to find the right dipslide for your industry and use. If you require a dipslide that is not listed please contact a member of our team for assistance on 01909 666 708.
We have worked hard with our supply partners to ensure that any commercial availability to organisations that wish to proactively test their staff for coronavirus, or make tests available to their staff, have the facility to do so without any impact whatsoever on Government and NHS supply. The UK Government's own supply chain sits outside of this one, though should a time come when our supply of tests is called upon in the national interest, we reserve the right to divert supply accordingly. In the meantime we are taking all possible measures to ensure supply to our customers for the near future.