Coronavirus Test Kit

Whilst our lab works through the weekend processing samples, our courier (Royal Mail) unfortunately doesn’t. Therefore, no deliveries will be received at the lab on Sundays. As a result, samples that do not arrive by Saturday will not be received and booked in until Monday. If your flight is on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you may need to consider an alternative test provider who collect and deliver over the weekend. While all our samples are returned via a tracked 24 service free of charge, we advise that where the results are time sensitive, such as for fit to fly purposes, customers arrange a next day guaranteed delivery option such as Royal Mail Special Delivery or courier service for our Coronavirus Test Kit.
You can view and download a copy of your Covid-19 'Fit to Fly' certificate via our secure online portal (full details provided within the Coronavirus Test Kit). Your certificate will be available from the moment your test result is received. To access your certificate you will need to login using the last 4 digits from your sample barcode and a secure passcode provided. Your data is securely protected.
Yes - our kit requires no special storage conditions and can be kept at home at room temperature. Therefore, you’ll be fully prepared for your next trip or should you require a quick test result. The Coronavirus Test Kit has a shelf life of 2 years.
Unfortunately this saliva based Coronavirus PCR Test Kit. Therefore, it is not currently approved for the above UK Government schemes. However, the approval process is currently underway.
To view and download your Covid-19 'Fit to Fly' certificate, you will need to create an account with the lab's secure portal. All instructions on how to do so are included in the Covid-19 Test Kit. Additionally, your certificate will be available from the moment you receive your result. The downloadable report is included in the Coronavirus Test Kit. This can be used as a a Fit to Fly Certificate. However, please check with your airline and travel destination for travel requirements during these time. All data is securely protected. For more information on Fit to Fly Covid-19 tests and certificates, please visit: > Fit to Fly COVID-19 Tests: Everything you need to know
Yes. As the NHS are not giving out free Covid-19 test to those without symptoms, flyers are now look for private tests kit. Additionally, the downloadable report included with the coronavirus test kit can be used as a fit to fly certificate. However, please speak to your airline and travel destination for more specific fit to fly requirements. For more information regarding the new fit to fly certificate rules during Covid-19, please see:

> Fit to Fly COVID-19 Tests: Everything you need to know

Yes. Our Coronavirus Test Kit has a shelf life of 2 years. You can buy a Coronavirus Test Kit now and use later. In addition, there are no special storage conditions. Simply keep the kit and use when you wish.
No. However, Hydro-X's expertise for more than 35 years has been in supporting our customers to reduce risk within the workplace. We do this in many ways, from specialist compliance service provisions, to accredited training, to PPE and consumables supply. In light of current business risks, along with requests from our customers, Hydro-X have worked hard over recent months to partner with several, specialist, epigenetic coronavirus testing providers. Now we can extend this new facility of saliva testing to our customers, without impacting any supply to the UK Government and NHS. As such, the look of the box that the test kit arrives in may change over time, whilst we balance capacity between each provider to ensure continuity of supply.
The saliva sample can be collected at any time of day. However, evidence suggests it could be better to provide a sample early in the morning rather than later in the day. Please ensure you do not eat, vape, smoke, drink or brush your teeth at least 1 hour before providing the saliva sample, as this can effect your results. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. a dry cough, high temperature, or loss of taste and smell), it is recommended that you collect the saliva sample within the first 5 days of the symptoms started from. You shed more virus particles into your saliva during this time period, making easier and more accurate to detect Covid-19 in your sample. 1. Tajima, Y., Suda, Y., & Yano, K. A case report of SARS-CoV-2 confirmed in saliva specimens up to 37 days after onset: Proposal of saliva specimens for COVID-19 diagnosis and virus monitoring. Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy (2020)
There isn't one. Cost of materials has come down significantly in recent months and we are happy to pass on those cost savings to our customers. The Hydro-X Group has never and will never take commercial advantage in matters relating to health, safety and compliance.