Legionella Testing Kits

Out kits come typically with a 12-month shelf life
Our 25 minute on-site Legionella test does not replace UK compliance requirements for UKAS accredited lab culture testing. If your water system circumstances dictate that lab testing is required, currently you MUST carry out a lab test, even though this will take 10-14 days to return a result. Lab tests are for compliance purposes. Our 25-minute on-site Legionella test is for risk management and risk reduction, and can be used in conjunction with lab tests if a faster result is required.
The ACoP L8 allows for rapid detection techniques to be used as part of a Legionella risk management regime.
This test kit is particularly useful in 5 situations: 1. In any environment without easy access to a lab. Many sites with critical water supplies are in remote locations without ready access to lab testing. On site testing provides invaluable reassurance. 2. Checking after a disinfection treatment. Once an infected water system has been treated, the faster it can be confirmed that the treatment has been effective, the faster everyone can get back to work. 3. Checking systems where control measures have gone out of conformance e.g. cold water too warm, hot water not hot enough, or biocide levels too low. The system may not be compromised, but a quick real time check will allay doubts and mitigate risks if a treatment is indicated. 4. Routine monitoring of water systems. If a water system is infected, then the faster this is identified the faster corrective action can be taken. The UK L8 guidelines rely heavily on the risk assessment procedure, which requires that testing regimes are tailored to specific circumstances of the water system. 5. Identifying source of outbreaks. If there is an outbreak it is important for both public health and legal reasons to establish the source as soon as possible. Immediate testing can provide immediate detection and should be carried out before any disinfection treatment as part of a sampling regime.
Our test kit is highly specific for Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 (SG1). This is the variety of Legionella bacteria which is responsible for the majority of legionnaires disease cases and has been responsible for all known outbreaks of the disease.
The test kit should be stored preferably below 30 degrees C and free from moisture. Before using the your test kit, ensure the wrapper has not been damaged. Damaged wrappers may lead to the test being compromised.
Receiving a negative test result means that Legionella pneumophila SG1 (LpSG1) has not been detected in your water system. No further action is required at this point. Regular monitoring and control of water system hygiene is still required.
If you receive a positive result this indicates that Legionella pneumophila (LpSG1) has been detected within your water system. This poses a risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease  to your staff and clients. When a positive result is obtained urgent action is required to have your system inspected cleaned. We can highly recommend the Water Services business within the Hydro-X Group. Please call us for more information.
No, the test is easy to use and no prior training is required. Full instructions are included with the test, and can be downloaded HERE. Please see CLICK HERE to view the online video on how to use the Legionella Test Kit. The Video goes through step by step how to use the Legionella Test Kit.