FFP2 Face Masks

FFP2 Face Masks


  • Conforming to European Standards – these Half Masks are classified as FFP2 face masks, conforming to EN 149:2009 + A1:2009.
  • Specially designed to filter harmful substances and provide safety from the risk of airborne particles.
  • Disposable and single use to maintain hygiene.
  • Highly effective soft fabrics ensure that the mask contours comfortably around your face, offering you high levels of filtration protection, with minimal breathing resistance.
  • Available in a pack of 10 and are individually wrapped for maximum safety and convenience

IMPORTANT –  This mask is intended as a face covering only, and should not be used in a medical environment.

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FFP2 Mask Details

FFP2 masks are commonly used in the health sector due to their effectiveness against airborne particles. KN95 masks are designed to stop 95% of particles more than 0.3 microns in size and are effective against chemicals, dust, and airborne diseases.

TheseFFP2 face masks are a folded style allowing for easy storage and come with a metal nose strip for a better fit. The masks are constructed with four layers to help prevent the intake of particulate into the respiratory system.

The masks are designed to fit the face securely ensuring a tight yet comfortable fit. Also, the FFP2 mask allows for ait to pass through the filter allowing for steady unrestricted breathing, whilst still maintaining protection against potentially harmful particles.

It is now a requirement of the UK government to wear a face covering whilst using public transport or in public spaces. This also includes shops, workplaces, and other areas where people mix.


FFP2 Mask Storage

Please store the product in a dry, well-ventilated place. Keep away from harmful gases and steam. The item may lose it’s effectiveness when wet.

This face covering should be stored in a container, protected from dust, chemicals, moisture, away from direct sunlight and in a clean, cool and dry atmosphere with humidity factor less than 75% and at a temperature between +2°C and +55°C. Failure to observe these requirements may affect shelf life and performance.

Due to the nature of this product, we ask that all opened packs are not to be returned, for the safety of our team. If you do have any issues with the product please contact our team in advance of returning. Our team will be happy to help with your query. We may ask for images of any defective item before issuing resends or refunds.


Fitting Instructions

IMPORTANT: Ensure the face covering is fitted correctly. Please follow the guidance below:

  1. Hold the face covering in your hand with the nosepiece at your fingertips, allowing the elasticated straps to hang freely below your hand
  2. Press the face covering firmly against your face with the nosepiece positioned on the bridge of your nose
  3. Draw the straps over your ears one at a time. Position ensuring for a tight fit.
  4. Using both hands, mould the metal nosepiece to the shape of your nose
  5. To check the fit, place both hands completely over the face covering and inhale vigorously. If air leaks around the edges of the respirator, readjust the face covering, manipulating the nose bridge and headband to effect an acceptable seal. If a proper seal cannot be achieved DO NOT enter the contaminated area



These Face Masks are designed to cover the nose and mouth and have an adjustable metal wire over the bridge of the nose. This makes a tight seal around the top of the masks and therefore around the whole face to protect the cardiovascular system against particles, bacteria, and smoke. The unique shape of the masks helps to create a space between the mouth and mask for comfort and ability to breathe better. With the option of the valve, these masks provide superior breathability against other alternatives. Some masks without this unique shape can get sucked into the mouth when trying to talk or breathe, which creates the potential ability for particles to get to close to the mouth.

The FFP2 masks with the valve protects against particles such as pollen and dust but also bacteria and prevents anything negative from entering the body through the mouth and nostrils. FFP2 face masks are designed to filter out a minimum of 95% of particles. This proves that the filtration system is highly effective therefore making these masks a key item that you should have in your everyday life.

When purchased these masks come individually wrapped to keep them as safe as possible. They are also designed to have a flat fold which allows for easy travel, storage and increased hygiene. These are just a few more reasons why this mask is superior compared to others on the market.

Why purchase a FFP2 mask?

These masks are World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended which means they are extremely efficient and effective at protecting both those wearing the masks and also the people they come into contact with. They are also extremely durable and provide increased comfort even after they have been worn for a long period of time. These masks come in packs of ten which should last a while unless you are needing to wear a mask for a full day, in which case they will need to be replaced more often to ensure the great quality is carried out with every use.

What should I expect when it arrives?

Unlike many other masks, these are individually wrapped to ensure they are clean and safe before their first use. They are also designed to be flat folding so the package will not be too large, and once opened they can be stored easily in small spaces. They should be stored in containers to keep the dust and particles away so that they are clear for use, whenever they are needed. You should expect 10 full shaped and styled masks that covered both the nose and the mouth securely, they will also come with strong and secure elastic string attached to keep the mask firmly in place on the face.

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