Hands Free Hand Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser

Hands Free Hand Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser

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  • Bulk refillable 1 litre tank with Lid
  • For use with Alcohol sanitizers or gels (up to 70% alcohol content), Perfumed/Unperfumed hand lotion soap, Anti-bac Soap, before and after work creams, sun creams, Grit or beaded soaps
  • Metal arm for hands free dispensing using elbow
  • Made in the UK
  • High quality ABS
  • Compatible with our range of hand sanitiser refills
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Why is our Hands-Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser the best?

The obvious – it’s hands-free! 

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we don’t use frequent touchpoints as much as possible and that we consciously avoid doing anything that may put ourselves or others at risk of contracting the virus. 

This includes touching the same object or surface another person has touched, consciously or subconsciously. As not everyone has been tested yet and we don’t know enough about the virus to fully understand it, we must be extremely cautious. 

If we are taking other viruses as an example, we can safely assume that hand-to-surface touching followed by hand-to-face touching is one of the quickest and most direct routes for the particles to transmit. Which is why our hands free hand sanitiser is such an important product to supply to the public because, without sounding too patronising, as the name clearly states, it is hands free (albeit not touch free, like its automatic counterpart). 

By using elbows to dispense the gel, the risk is significantly reduced and the person’s hands are rubbed clean straight afterwards.

Wall Mountable – 

The hands free dispenser is able to fit on walls in both domestic and commercial buildings.And this isn’t just limited to one type of wall, it can fit in multiple environments and rooms. Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Hospitality buildings are all examples of high traffic locations where the dispenser can be deployed to great effect. The rapid release of the liquid inside will prevent huge socially distanced cues forming also, which could pose a great risk to employees welfare.

Without having to bend down or reach up, if the dispenser is perfectly placed it will deliver a measured amount of HS time and time again. Installation is also an easy process, much easier than ordering new 100ml bottles of sanitiser every day/week/month, cutting out the frustration of running out of stock too quickly.

Simple to fill –

Even though our Hands Free Hand Sanitiser Dispensers will last much, much longer than constantly buying small quantities, they do still need to be refilled from time to time. We advise you to purchase 5L drums and restock as frequently as you deem applicable (dependent on company size, amount of foot traffic).

The soap dispensers hold 1 litre at any given time, we suggest you use this limit to its fullest and refill when it’s getting near empty. To prevent any unwanted product being leaked or escaping from the tank, it also boasts a lockable lid, to ensure the full amount is utilised.

They’re made from ABS – 

This carefully selected type of plastic has been chosen for the dispenser for a number of reasons. Firstly it has a strong resistance to any physical damage, so if any other objects or indeed persons come into some type of contact with it, it’ll hold its own. This includes if it’s placed anywhere where possible thieves may be present or children may be running around, it should still give you peace of mind.

ABS is also recycled easily, which reinforces how, even though it is plastic, it is still an environmentally friendly product (and can emphasise a companies ethical policies). 

Normally used for injection molding applications, and it’s sturdiness can be attributed to how it is created, with several chemicals binding together to make the finished material. It behaves particularly well and doesn’t get affected by extra high or low temperatures.

Soap Dispenser Benefits:

Great First Impression – If a visitor enters a commercial building where you work in the UK and one of the first things they are greeted with is a hands free soap dispenser – it’s always a positive. They know straightaway that you care about the hygiene and wellbeing of not only your employees, but everyone who enters the building.

Cost Effective – Soap and sanitiser bottles can go missing, that’s an unfortunate fact which is particularly true if the foot traffic into a premises is especially high with lots of non-employees visiting.

Hygiene Levels – Germs, Bacteria and Virus Particles can all be destroyed with the use of the dispenser, improving hand hygiene.

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