X-Pot Compact vs Hydro-Fil Mini

X-Pot Compact vs Hydro-Fil Mini

Before the X-Pot Compact and the Hydro-Fil Mini are discussed, you may be curious as to why you need Side Stream filtration at all for your premises. To put it simply, if you have a closed-loop heating or cooling system – you need it.

Debris, corrosion, water quality and energy efficiency are three prime factors that will be continuously negatively affected without filtration. And in the long-term, this will also affect the business financially (through energy wastage and overconsumption of water).


x pot compact

What is the X-Pot Compact?

The X-Pot compact is a side stream filtration unit which is made up of several components. It comprises of one cartridge filter (other product models have multiple), a dosing pot, magnet filter, and an integral pump.

The X-Pot uses these to treat water by filtering a concentrated percentage of the water every time it circulates around a system. This happens continuously and the whole closed-loop system, therefore, becomes cleaner.

The cartridge filter (non-magnetic) and the magnetic grate combine within the X-Pot to remove solids. They identify and extract suspended solids 0.5 microns and above (both magnetic and non-magnetic). The X- Pot Compact is the smallest filter in the range, it measures around 30% less in size compared to the standard sizes.

Benefits of the X-Pot Compact

  • Cooling tower costs are reduced operationally over time
  • No system water loss is produced, partly due to the fact no backwashing is required for it to function
  • The X-Pot side stream filter can manually dose the water with treatment chemicals and reduce oxygen levels while removing microbubbles from the system
  • The X-Pot combats oxygen levels which are a major contributing element in corrosion of pipes and infrastructures
  • It uses its cartridge filter to prevent debris circulating around the system by keeping it contained
  • Corrosion is reduced and bacterial growth is restricted
  • The X-Pot is completely compliant with BSRIA, BG29 and BG50.
  • Radiators, vents and other energy outlets have higher efficiency when the side stream filter is used
  • The filter has a 3-year warranty – but only if authentic X-PO chemicals are used


What is the Hydro-Fil Mini?

hydro fil mini

The Hydro-Fil Mini is a magnetic bag filtration unit used to maximise efficiency and asset protection in closed systems. Similarly to the X-Pot, it is a side stream filtration device made from stainless steel that improves your system’s operation.

It works by removing and separating the systems microbubbles, micro debris and particles that are adversely affecting the cooling loop and its components (heat exchangers, chillers and more).

The filter is specifically designed to clarify water and remove solids/metals in closed heating and cooling circuits. Stemming from the Hydro-Fil range, the Hydro-Fil Mini has truly been designed to suit any environment. Along with the X-Pot, it also fully adheres to BSRIA guidelines and doubles up as a dosing unit.

Benefits of the Hydro-Fil Mini

  • No system water loss/backwashing and it has a Greater rate of flow (higher flow pressure) than the X-Pot
  • Versatile positioning – its the only product which is floor mountable and it can be mounted on a wall bracket
  • Reusable and Recyclable, the Hydro-Fil doesn’t use any plastic fabric, unlike the X-Pot
  • It’s available to buy online at the click of a button – the Hydro-Fil mini is only £875 (+VAT)
  • Maintenance is uncomplicated, the lid is easily accessible and removable allowing chemicals to be added quickly and efficiently
  • Minimises erosion, prevents heat transfer loss – increase in energy usage
  • Reduces Under deposit corrosion – asset failures, downtime.
  • Absorbs chemical treatment making it difficult to maintain desired chemical residuals
  • Stops Pump seal leaks – water loss/make-up allowing oxygen ingress and system corrosion.
  • Lessens the opportunity for a bacterial habitat
  • Maintains systems in accordance with BSRIA Guidance BG29/2012 and BG50/2013

Technical Characteristics of the X-Pot Compact

  • Quarterly filter changes are recommended – this can be quite a lengthy process
  • Magnetic filter inside and steel interior
  • 5L of X-PO10 (Inhibitor)
  • Cartridge filter (micron depends on product line – compact has 100 micron capacity)
  • On-board AAV for air and microbubble removal
  • Non-magnetic material is captured via the Large Capacity bag filter
  • Filters down to 1.0µ. 
  • Flow rate – 90gpm

Technical Characteristics of the Hydro-Fil Mini

side stream filtration
  • Polished 304 stainless steel treatment chamber with stainless steel magnetic bars for magnetic metal oxide capture
  • Stainless Steel basket and basket holder for holding filter bag
  • Similar to the X-Pot, particulates with a size greater than 50 microns will be stopped by the filter bag while the high magnetic field magnetic bars will capture all the ferrous particles resulting from the corrosion of the circuit. A highly effective magnetic dirt separator.
  • Connection ¼” male radial.
  • Closing of the cover by M12 wing bolts stainless steel with ball joints and clips, fully dismountable.
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Flow rate – 5m 3 p/h


X-Pot Compact or Hydro-Fil Mini – which one is better for your Closed-loop system?

The X-Pot and Hydro-Fil will both improve how your closed-loop system uses and operates with water. But which to choose?

For a business, there are four primary aspects where the Hydro-Fil Mini comes out on top.

Maintenance – Whether the user is looking to clean the inside of the filter or use its dosing pot function by adding chemicals, the X-Pot’s process is more difficult than it has to be. This is because its lid is securely bolted down and opening it requires a wrench along with a bit of (unnecessary) elbow grease. The Hydro-Fil Mini’s lid, contrastingly, only takes a few twists to open.

Environmental Friendliness – The Hydro-Fil Mini is extremely eco-friendly in the sense that its cartridge filter is made from fabric and its inner bags are washable. Its counterpart’s cartridge filter, on the other hand, stems from plastic.

Positioning – The Hydro-Fil has adjustable feet, allowing it to be floor mounted and wall-mounted. The X-Pot doesn’t possess these, so it won’t work for a heating/cooling system positioned in the middle of an industrial floor, away from walls.

Flow rate – In layman’s terms this refers to the amount of water that can be passed through the units in a given amount of time. And the Hydro-Fil Mini can do this more efficiently than the X-Pot Compact can, so the closed-loop system becomes cleaner, faster.

Enquire about purchasing the Hydro-Fil Mini today.

Or if you have a need for an even higher flow rate and need a side stream filtration unit for an even larger system, get in touch to talk about the bigger Hydro-Fil units.