Legionella epidemic in Italy kills third victim as 24 battle disease

LEGIONELLA has claimed the life of another victim near Milan as 24 Italians desperately battle the killer disease in the midst of a monster epidemic.

Grandmother Norma Bigi, 84, the latest victim of the illness, died after tests revealed the bacteria came from water from a fountain in Bresso, a town near Milan.

Those taken ill from the disease found themselves suffering its classic symptoms in the past 12-13 days and have all been admitted to hospital while authorities make attempts to control the outbreak.

Simone Cairo, mayor of Bresso, said: “The situation is under control, all the authorities that had to take action have been activated.

“This morning, the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala called me to give us support, let’s see how he can help us.”

He went on to say most of the patients battling the condition have been discharged from hospital.

Tests revealed the bacteria also found its way into the home of one person infected as well as via the route of the water fountain.

For four years the disease has been absent from the region but its shock return has sparked terror in from Brest residents.

Other victims who have since died from the outbreak are Lino Mazzola and Eden Stocchi, both 94.

All three died at the Cinisello Balsamo hospital.

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