Lurking danger in Thurrock’s hosepipes

THE UK’s leading plumbing accreditation body is warning householders in Essex that the humble hosepipe could be a danger to their drinking water – as well as exposing them to the risk of developing Legionnaires’ disease.

Many homeowners don’t realise how ill they can become if the water in the hosepipe “backflows” into their drinking water supply, or becomes contaminated by the potentially lethal bacteria which causes Legionnaires’ disease.

WaterSafe has now teamed up with renowned health expert Dr Susanne Lee, Director of Legionella Ltd, to develop its top do’s and don’ts to help keep customers and their hosepipes healthy and safe.

Hosepipe tips are:

DO fit an approved double check valve to hosepipes to prevent any water, or contaminants from the garden, ponds or paddling pools, flowing back into your mains drinking water supply

DON’T place hosepipes in drains, garden ponds, buckets or watering cans where they can be submerged as contaminated water could be siphoned back into your homes’ drinking water pipework

DO turn off your hosepipe at the tap and ideally fully disconnect it when not in use

DO fit a self-closing flow control, such as a trigger spray gun, to prevent it being used when unattended

DO keep your hose somewhere cool and out of the sun

DO gently run the water out of the hose before you use it – without any form of spray attachment on the end

DON’T use a hosepipe that has been sitting around and full of warm water to fill a hot tub. The warm water within the tub will allow any bacteria – including Legionella – to quickly grow.

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