Three Queens Hotel in Burton partly reopened after legionella was detected

Work is underway to completely overhaul the plumbing system at the hotel

A Burton hotel forced to close when two people were diagnosed with legionnaires’ disease after staying there has now partly reopened.

The Three Queens Hotel, in Bridge Street, has now partly reopened its doors after it was closed earlier this month as a precaution on the advice of health professionals from Public Health England.

Tests and remedial work have been ongoing at the hotel to overhaul the plumbing system and clear the water supply of the legionella bacteria, but it will not be opened completely until the water is clear of the bacteria, said a health spokesman.

The closure comes after one person, a guest from Nottingham, was diagnosed with the disease in January this year and another woman from Bridlington, in East Yorkshire, who is still seriously ill as a result, was diagnosed in September.

The second woman, who does not wish to be named, now has double pneumonia as a result of the disease. She spent three weeks in hospital hooked up to a drip and on constant oxygen. Now back at home she is bedbound and still struggling to breathe.

After the work has been completed on the hotel a detailed management plan will also be put in place to control the risk of any of the bacteria returning.


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