20th October 2015

Hydro-X Water Treatment

With the ACoP L8 at its core, Hydro-X is able to look aftWaterer all of your water treatment and hygiene requirements. From initial Risk Assessments of buildings, rooms and individual units, through to schedule monitoring of plant and emergency responses to required cleans and disinfection’s, you can be sure that you are fully compliant both with current legislation and industry best practice.

We also offer unique and innovative products such as Hydro-Safe™ that can provide you with simple and cost-effective solutions to your water treatment needs, and an electronic log book system that allows you to remotely track your assets.

The Hydro-X Legionella Risk Assessment has been devised to be easy to follow by anyone with a basic knowledge of a domestic water system. Our assessments are carried out by fully qualified risk assessors and are in compliance with the HSE approved code of practice (ACoP L8) for the control of Legionella.


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