30th October 2015

Boiler Water Treatment

The Hydro-X Boiler Treatment chemical was originally developed in Denmark, and first marketed in Europe immediately after World War II. Today the Hydro-X process is available world wide and there is not a single branch of industry in which Hydro-X as a water treatment system is not involved – this includes some of the world’s largest combined heat and power district heating plants.

The advantages of using this treatment method are:

  • To prevent scaling & corrosion
  • To ensure the production of a clean & neutral steam
  • Over dosing carries no risk to the boiler whether it be due to mechanical failure or human error and the steam quality will remain pure
  • To stop any working corrosion in the system and prevent the corrosion of Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Brass
  • The removal of scale whilst on line

Boiler Water TreatmentWe also make use of other products such as Sulphites and Amines, for example when operating parameters demand it.

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