27th October 2015


Hydro-Fil is a free standing, self-contained unit designed to filter the system water, removing soluble and insoluble metals, over a period of time through a series of variable micron rated magnetic filters.

Comprising of a filter housing, filter bag and suspended magnets, the unit is positioned in the flow stream of your water system; water passes through the unit via flexible hoses assisted by a circulation pump, achieving the desired effect of progressively cleaning the water.

Built in accordance with BSRIA Guidance BG29/2012 and BG50/2013, systems cleaned by Hydro-Fil are less likely to experience any operating problems, extending their lifecycle and the lifecycle of the associated distribution network.

See our Hydro-Fil case study HERE

Differential pressure can be measured across the filter bag to determine flow rates and optimise filtration rates. The unit also has the added incentive of knowing when the filter bags need changing. Each week, the Hydro-Fil unit needs an inspection, and the filter bag changing depending on its condition. 

Once the filter condition has been improved, a smaller filter can be installed to further filter and polish the water system. All outlets, radiators, and other downstream assets will benefit from a cleaner system, resulting in less energy and pressure needed to circulate the system.

Cost savings will be made by improved efficiencies of a clean system, extending the life span and avoiding future corrosion of the system.

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