27th October 2015


The new Hydro-Safe™ v2 is a stand-alone, board mounted solution used to treat water systems through a clever chlorine dioxide dosing system, and automatically adjust, the amount of CIO2 used, dependent on the amount of water being pumped through the system. Hydro-safe

With this potent chlorine dioxide dosing technology in place, Hydro-Safe™ ensures removal of biofilms. Using a simple chemical which produces potable water, it will reduce the risk of any bacteria in the system, while providing compliance, safety and convenience within ACoP L8 requirements.

Added benefits include reduced reliance on temperature monitoring thanks to solving the issue of fluctuating temperature environments; powerful disinfecting over a wide pH range and 12 monthly micro tests included – helping to reduce other water-borne risks.

We offer the Hydro-Safe™ on a lease hire basis, meaning for a fixed price of just £5,000 per year you receive the product, chemicals, and all necessary servicing – it is a complete solution. Prices may vary for short term installations – please consult the team if this is a requirement.

For clients with more bespoke needs, however, we do provide two pack chemical dosing – providing you with a more cost effective long term treatment method for your system, especially those of you who use high volumes of water.

Be sure the hygiene of your water system is being maintained in a professional, cost effective manner, with minimum disruption to the organisation, and input from yourself and your team.

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