30th October 2015

Legionella Shower Filters

Legionella point-of-use protection has just got better, with the launch of the CE S1 certified sterile, antibacterial, hollow fibre shower and tap filters. Designed specifically for the POU medical market, the Pentair Filtrix range of shower and tap filters provide a guaranteed source of water, free from legionella and all other bacterial contamination’s.

Shower with water flowingThe sterile range of hollow fibre POU filters work in the same way as the standard filters to stop and trap all bacteria and fungi from critical water supplies but now thanks to its antimicrobial construction resists the bacteria growth normally associated with repeated product handling.

The filters are fitted with a unique replaceable filter cartridge, made up of capillary microfiltration membranes containing billions of microscopic pores, which form an ultra-fine filter to retain any bacteria or fungi in the water. The result is a source of clean, safe water for critical POU applications.

Both the shower and tap filters have been created to minimize the risk of infection and ensure patient safety. The range has been further enhanced by the imminent launch of an infection resistant coating, delivering easy and reliable protection at the last possible moment before patient contact.

Key features of our Legionella Shower Head Filter:

  • One filter, validated for 5 weeks (35 days) of use for all bacteria, legionella, fungi and Cryptosporidium protection.
  • CE marked, state-of-the-art hollow fibre microfiltration membrane providing log 7 (99.99999%) reduction of bacteria and log 4 (99.99%) reduction of fungi.
  • Ultimate point-of-use filter – membrane located in the filter head to prevent bacterial build-up. All filters come equipped with non-return check valves preventing backward contamination and water discharge during operation and cartridge replacement.
  • Water flow restrictor ensures effective and efficient use of hospital water as well as maximizing filter life.
  • Easily identifiable product coding with full tracking and traceability ensures simple maintenance with two water-resistant date labels indicating cartridge installation and replacement dates as well as a year planner to plot and monitor replacement schedule.
  • The anti-microbial (infection-resistant) construction of the new sterile shower filters deliver total protection against bacteria, from water supplies, air borne contaminants and those transferred during handling.


Performance135 day maximum
Biological retention2bacteria > log 7
fungi > log 4
Mechanical effectsturbidity reduction
Material safety componentsapproved according to NSF/KTW
Structural integrityhydrostatic pressure 8 bar

Operating conditions

Max. operating pressure5 bar
Operating temperaturemin. 0°C; max. 50°C
70°C for 30min. @ 2 bar
Replacement interval35 days (disposable product)
Chlorine exposure1,200 ppm for a total of 10 hours

Product Certifications

The Medical Water Filters – Standard Series, comply to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, Annex VII and are registered as Class 1, rule 1 products.

1 Product performance is dependent on incoming water conditions

2 Tested according to ASTM F838-05 using Pseudomonas diminuta by Vitens Laboratory, The Netherlands

Tested based on NSF P231 using Klebsiella terrigena by Vitens Laboratory, The Netherlands

Tested based on NSF P231 using Legionella pneumophila by Vitens Laboratory, The Netherlands

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