30th October 2015

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

 The range of softening plants available from Hydro-X are:

  • Simplex, Duplex or Multi-column
  • Standard Flow Rates up to 60m3 per hour
  • Larger plants built to order
  • Plants built from standard off the shelf components
  • Regeneration on Time, Volume or Hardness detection


Hydro-X design & service:

  • Carbon filters to assist in controlling organics and to protect Ion-exchange resins from organic fouling
  • Ion-exchange columns designed for specific applications
  • Sand, Bag, and Cartridge filters for particulate removal
  • Manganese and Iron removal


Demineralised Water Plant

The following range of plants are available:

  • Simplex, Duplex, Multi-stream and Mixed bed columns
  • Two or multi column streams
  • Co & counter current flows
  • Standard flow rates up to 40m³ per hour
  • Larger systems built for specific applications


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