Boiler Water Treatment by Hydro X

Whether you are generating steam or delivering hot water for process or comfort, a reliable and consistently available utility is essential, and the best way to achieve this is via boiler water treatment.

What is Boiler Water Treatment?

Boiler water treatment can be defined as two things. It’s an industrial water treatment where substances are taken out of a boiler system to prevent short/long term damage. It is also the process of using chemicals to modify the potentially harmful substances within boilers. Both with the primary purpose of improving water quality.

How can Hydro-X provide boiler water treatment?

Hydro-X supports this with advanced monitoring and control solutions to complement our unique chemistry and filtration to minimise deposition or corrosion.

We provide this through locally based and trained water treatment experts who proactively assess system performance and, through the delivery of same-day service reports, minimise any surprises.

Well maintained and serviced systems (with safe alkalinity levels) deliver the most efficient, and therefore cost-effective, utility that meets the demand of a changing environment.

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What are alkalinity levels?

With boiler treatments, alkalinity levels are crucial. And many members of staff may know what a ‘healthy’ level is, without knowing the definition.

Alkanility levels can be described as the efficiency of water in its ability to withstand pH changes that would increase its acidity. An alkalinity builder can be used to bring the pH level in line with its target number.

Steam Boiler Water Treatment

As negatively as poor water treatment can affect a business operationally (decreases in productivity having a financial effect) it can also cause hazardous situations. If steam boiler water is neglected, components can build with high pressure and burst.

If employees (or even members of the public) happen to be nearby to the steam boilers at the time, blistering steam can be unexpectedly thrust in their direction, potentially causing lasting long term physical damage.

Boiler feedwater

Possibly one of the most vital elements of a boilers cycle is boiler feedwater. In a closed system cycle, it transfers from heat to steam before being disposed of in a primary condenser. Dissolved gases are separated before they can cause damage to the system.

These are usually carbon dioxide and oxygen and if left untreated they could cause minor or severe corrosion of the pipes. Combating excessive conductivity in the pipes is something that can be a major challenge for companies, but Hydro X are here to help (with the use of boiler water treatment chemicals and a testing kit).

Oxygen Scavenger

Also known in the industry as oxygen absorbers, oxygen scavengers are hugely beneficial for a commercial business. Usually recognised for removing oxygen within product packaging, they can also be used to remove oxygen in large amounts of fluid.

Water quality is therefore improved and with the many different oxygen scavengers available, they cater to every need. The scientific process that is activated when they’re used involves oxygen joining with reactive compounds to separate itself.

Commercial Water Softeners

Boiler feed water can be refined with the use of a water softener. Scale deposits are greatly reduced (and normally non-existent) when softeners are implemented in your closed system.

And this aspect of boiler water treatment can be applied to a large variety of different infrastructures and types of premises. From cooling towers to steam boilers and from hotels to manufacturers (just as a few examples).

Boiler water treatment

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