Data Centres

Hydro-X Water has dedicated teams that have decades of experience in dealing with Data Centres. Whether you’re creating a new centre or improving your existing system we can help to design and build bespoke water equipment (in conjunction with Hydro-X Engineering) to make sure the equipment specification is right first time and exactly suits your needs.

How can Hydro-X Water support data centres?

To help ensure maximum system reliability, Hydro-X Water have several processes and products to be able to find and diagnose faults so the reliability of your systems can be robust. With the assistance of our processes, we can also help you to meet your sustainability targets through the recycling of water within the cooling systems and adiabatic chillers

Several of our staff are DC Pro trained. This specialist knowledge enables us to provide a products and services that are specifically for data centres such as online desludging and microbial control to ensure the water being pumped round the system is always of the correct quality to keep your centre at the right temperatures.

Our experience with data centres and water treatment enables us to offer high level, independent reviews of your systems and water quality analysis so you can have the peace of mind that your cooling systems will keep on running

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