2nd November 2015


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Hydro-X is proud to be an approved supplier of the industry-leading electronic log-book and asset management platform – ZetaSafe. ZetaSafe puts you in control.

You can easily:

  • Schedule your testsZetaSafe on Laptop
  • Manage failures or defects and analyse any trends.
  • It makes it easier and more visible to help ensure compliance.

All workplaces have legal duties under the Health and Safety Executive’s publication of ‘The Control of Legionella bacteria in Water Systems – Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACoP L8)’ and Technical guidance HSG274.

Statutory duties are placed on the duty holder (the person in control of the premises) who must appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ to manage the control of Legionella.

Industry best practice is to carry out a site specific Legionella Risk Assessment on all water systems in the premises on a 2 yearly cycle and there is a duty to keep monitoring data for 5 years.

Key Benefits of ZetaSafe:ZetaSafe on Tablet

Mobile Data Collection
Our E-Log Book runs on PDAs, smart phones and
tablets which allows field operatives and employees to
capture data electronically. This allows users to
accurately collect data by scanning barcodes.

Site Intelligence
This is a set of logic functions and risk profiling
attributes that can be applied to summarise and
automate combinations of non-compliance events
to provide prioritised management information.

DashboardZetaSafe key points
Dashboards give your organisation, customers or contractors a complete picture of the health of your business in a one-page snapshot featuring benchmarks and critical corporate metrics and data.

Task Management
Users are given appropriate access to create and allocate tasks across the organisation against assets that need testing, set completion dates, and upload and attach appropriate information.

Scheduling and Auditing of Tasks
The advanced scheduling tools gives users flexibility in the scheduling of tasks. This information is then transparent to all to ensure works are completed on time for audit purposes and review.

Notification workflows are one of the key features. Our watching alert enables multiple users to view the status of notifications to ensure and watch over actions taken
against an asset or location.




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