General Purpose Starter Bacteria Test Kit

Our General Purpose Starter Kits have been specifically created to provide you with everything you need to get you started!

Each kit includes a dipslide incubator and our fantastic general purpose dipslides.

Benefits of purchasing a starter kit bundle:

  • Discount! – Cheaper than buying the items individually
  • No thought required – we’ve already made sure this is what you require
  • Ready to start testing straight away

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General Purpose Bacteria Testing Starter Kit

This Bacteria Testing Starter Kit has been developed for most general purpose applications of microbiological testing.

It uses our RBS dipslides to provide 2 tests in one – total bacteria count on the first side, and moulds and yeasts on the second.

Everything you need in one kit.

Included in this General Purpose Starter Bacteria Water Test Kit:

  • 1 x GNAT MX2 Incubator – 2 dipslide capacity
  • 1 x Pack of general purpose dipslides (RBS)

GNAT MX2 Dipslide Incubator

The GNAT MX2 dipslide incubator holds 2 dipslides and is perfect for all low-volume Dip-slide applications, plug in and go!

The GNAT MX2 incubator features upgraded functionality to make your small-scale incubation solution even simpler. The MX2 is our bespoke brand for situations requiring the small-scale incubation of one to two tests in any 48 hour period.

Gnat MX 2 Dipslide Incubator for water testing

General Purpose Dipslides

These general purpose dipslides offer a convenient total viable bacteria count as well as yeasts, moulds and fungi in a single dual-sided test.

  • Pack of 10
  • Dual-sided dipslides
  • Easy to use
  • Colonies show up as red spots for easy reading
RBS Dipslides

Our Bacteria Test Kits

Hydro X pride ourselves on supplying bacteria test kits that provide comprehensive informative results for the user. And we love the fact that we stock products that possess a high level of durability.

Testing water quality (including drinking water) to prevent health issues is a huge part of what we do and have been doing for over 30 years successfully. Buyers can have the peace of mind that Hydro X also possess the expertise to support you after purchasing bacteria test kits.