Our Range Of Calibrated Legionella Thermometers

Thermapen Legionella Thermometer

Best For Single User, Small Premises

Thermapen Legionella Thermometer

£59.00 ex VAT

  • Lightweight, compact & easy to use
  • High accuracy ± 0.4℃ and a range of -49 to 299℃
  • Waterproof probe – great for tap and pipe temperatures
  • Coin cell batteries give 1,500 hrs battery life
  • Probe folds back into the side of the instrument when not in use
  • Ideal for simple, low-level use

Basic Legionella Thermometer Kit

Best All-Rounder

Basic Legionella Thermometer Kit

£102 ex VAT

  • Therma 1 ruggedised thermometer
  • High accuracy ± 0.4℃ and a range of -99 to 299℃
  • Waterproof K-Type surface and immersion probe (great for taps and pipes)
  • Heavy Duty PTFE wire probe
  • 3 X AAA batteries give 10,000 hrs battery life
  • Zip pouch

Full Legionella Thermometer Kit

Best For Multi-Users, Industrial Premises

Full Legionella Thermometer Kit

£152.50 ex VAT

  • Therma 1 ruggedised thermometer
  • High accuracy ± 0.4℃ and a range of -99 to 299℃
  • Waterproof K-Type surface and immersion probe (great for taps and pipes)
  • Heavy Duty PTFE wire probe
  • Mini tub of 70 probe wipes
  • 3 X AAA batteries give 10,000 hrs battery life
  • ABS carrying case

Top 3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Our Range Of Legionella Testing Thermometers

  1. Specifically designed for testing temperatures for the control of legionella bacteria
    Our range of thermometers come with different accessories. This enables you to quickly and easily take the water temperature of tanks and pipes. They are also designed in such a way that you can take temperatures from hard to reach places.
  2. Great Value for Money
    With our 35+ years of experience in Legionella and water hygiene, you are guaranteed quality products that have been tried and tested to produce the most effective results. Each legionella full thermometer kit comes with different accessories. Some of the accessories are listed below:

    • Penetration probe
    • Wire probe
    • Thermal thermometer
    • Mini tub of wipes
    • ABS Carrying case
    • Set of batteries

  3. Strong, durable and very reliable thermometers 
    Our range of legionella thermometers are strong, durable and reliable. This is because they are successfully designed to be used in contrasting working environments. As the UK’s number 1 legionella training provider, we want to assure all of our products keep up with our high standards. This assures customers can successfully complete their health, safety and compliance tasks.

Why Choose To Buy Our Range of Legionella Testing Thermometers And Legionnaires Thermometer Kits

  • Quick and fast delivery
  • High level of accuracy 
  • All our range of legionella thermometers are water resistant
  • Our thermometers come with calibration certificates

legionella thermometer range, legionnaires thermometer kit

Legionella Testing Thermometer Ranges and Legionella Thermometer Kits

At HX Store, we have a range of Legionella Water Temperature Thermometers.  A legionella thermometer is one of the recommended tools for the control of legionella bacteria in water systems. Furthermore, our legionella thermometers allow you to gauge the temperature of various water surfaces of pipes, tanks and air bodies.

Our legionella thermometer kits have been carefully designed for the purpose of legionella temperature testing. This kit is suitable for any water treatment professional, a Responsible Person or a Duty Holder (whose duty it is to ensure that a building has a clean water system). Additionally, it’s a vital tool to help control prevention of legionnaires disease and other illnesses from waterborne bacteria.

Our legionella temperature testing thermometer is high quality, quick, accurate, reliable and durable. All of our range of legionella thermometers are water resistant and damage proof. In addition, the thermometers also come with a long battery life.

In order to be compliant with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) issued by the government, an accurate temperature check must be taken. The legionnaires thermometers enable users to take accurate water temperature for both hot and cold water system (e.g. taps and showers). Our legionella thermometers can also allow you to test water temperature from the surface of pipes using the surface probe.

The Basic Legionella Thermometer Kit has an immersion probe. This allows you to dip the temperature probes into cold water storage tanks and under running water taps. The penetration probe has to be dipped to a depth of at least 25 millimetres to avoid the risk of taking incorrect water temperatures.

Do I need a Legionella Thermometer kit for Legionella Monitoring and Control?

The (HSE) Health & Safety Executive in the revised Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 stipulates: the risk from exposure to legionella bacteria should be controlled by preventing conditions that encourage the growth of Legionella bacteria in any water system. Furthermore, this includes avoiding water temperatures between 20 oC and 45 oC, that promote the growth of legionella bacteria.

Legionella thermometer, legionella testing thermometerIt is a legal requirement to ensure that the measurement of water temperature is accurate. Our calibrated legionella thermometer will help you fulfil that obligation by taking accurate water temperatures.

According to the law, What Is The Accurate Water Temperature For Hot And Cold Water Systems?

According to the ACoP L8, an employer must show that correct temperatures are set for hot and cold water systems within a property. This is one of the essential control methods for preventing a legionellosis outbreak. As a result, the guidance states that the control of hot and cold water temperatures need to be monitored regularly. 

  • Cold Water Outlets: The water temperature must be below 20 oC within two minutes.
  • Hot Water Outlets: The water temperature must be above 50 oC within one minute.
  • Hot water storage (calorifiers/Water heaters) should store water at 60°C or higher

What is calibration and why is it important to have a calibrated legionella thermometer for water testing

Getting an accurate water temperature is very important when it comes to the control of legionella bacteria in a water system. Therefore, calibration is vital, as it gives the confidence in the result shown on the thermometer.

So what is calibration?

Calibration is simply the comparison of a reading of one piece of equipment that has already been successfully calibrated (i.e. certified by the UK National Standard with accurate result or measurement), with another that has not been calibrated. Fortunately, all our legionella water temperature thermometers come calibrated.

Why is it important to have a calibrated thermometer?

The main purpose of calibrating a legionella testing thermometer, or any equipment, is to define the quality of the temperature recorded. However, there is a tendency for the result to drift over time. This might be due to other factors such as: temperature, humidity or human error. Therefore, calibration helps to reduce any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of the temperature test result.

All our Legionella water temperature testing thermometers are calibrated.

Can I speak to someone about this product?

Yes, we have dedicated and experienced staff members who can give you guidance on the right type of legionella thermometer to suit your needs. You can chat with us, call us or send us an email. Someone will be happy to help you. More details can be found on our contact us page.

What happens if you refrain from testing?

It could result in an outbreak of Legionellosis on your premises. It’s a regrettable shame that this pneumonia-like disease can still infect individuals when the correct protocol is not followed. Especially as the first publication of a legionella infection in a workplace was over 30 years ago in the USA.

Similarly to that case, a companies reputation can be put into severe disrepute by the public and customers if a case is made known. This, of course, pales in comparison to a person being hospitalised or losing their life.