Side Stream Filter: Hydro-Fil Mini

Maximising Efficiency and Asset Protection in Closed Systems

These stainless steel, magnetic bag, side stream filtration units are designed to improve water quality in closed heating and chilled water systems. Easy to clean and maintains clean water. 

Why Choose HX Store’s Side Stream Filter?

  • Simple to use, no previous training required
  • Bag filter housing fully compatible with corrosion inhibitors biocides
  • Adjustable stainless-steel feet to alter the height of the side stream filter
  • Removes particulate down to 1 micron
  • Improves water quality in closed heating and chilled circuits
  • To the latest BSRIA Guidelines
  • The all-in-one stainless steel air separator and dosing unit
  • Patented Technology

side stream filter

What is a Side Stream Filter?

A Side Stream Filter helps in removing both soluble and insoluble metals together with debris over a period of time through a series of variable micron rated filters. The side stream filtration unit comprises of a filter housing, suspended magnetic filter bag that works to filter the hot or cold water system.

The Hydro-Fil Mini side stream filtration unit is a free-standing, self-contained compact side stream filtration system for chilled water system. It offers versatility, value engineering and compliance with BSRIA.  The Hydro-Fil Mini filters heating or cooling water systems. Such as cooling towers that can be filled up to 34,560L in volume.

Made in the UK to the latest BSRIA Guidelines


How does side stream filtration work?

  1. The hydro-fil mini, side stream filtration unit has two valves.
  2. Each compartment contains a filtration mechanism.
  3. The first compartment contains a rare earth magnet, which helps to remove both soluble and insoluble metal.
  4. The water then passes through the stainless steel plate into the second compartment.
  5. This contains the bag filter which traps other non-magnetic debris.
  6. Thereafter, the clean water will then flow back into the cooling or heating system.

Side Stream Filter Backwash

Our side stream filtration unit continuously and progressively cleans the heated or chilled water systems as water flows through. This is also referred to as a side stream filter backwash.

Different pressure can easily be measured across the sidestream filter bag to determine the water flow rates and gauge the filtration rates accordingly. This helps to determine when the filter bag requires changing.

Our side stream filter for cooling towers is also designed in such a way that you can easily check and clean the suspended solid magnetic bar. This bar attracts any metal found in the water coming from a cooling tower, or other cooling system, or heating systems.

Our Customers see Hydro-Fil Mini Side Stream Filters as incredibly useful water treatment solutions. That’s because they give more life span to the heating and cooling systems (e.g. cooling towers).

Some also see it as good alternative for using any water treatment chemicals to treat water. With the use of backwash, they ensure your system is fully cleansed.

Hydro-Fil Mini X Pot Compact Side Stream Filter for water treatment

Why you need a side stream filter for a cooling tower?

  • Allows the cooling tower to perform at its maximum level
  • The side stream filtration system for chilled water system needs continuous filtering of the water, therefore removing harmful bacteria
  • Removes damaging debris and solids from the system in order to allow the water  to circulate unaffected
  • Reduces the rate of corrosion within the chilled water system
  • Heat efficiency is improved in the water loop with the Side Stream Filtration Unit
  • The need for cleaning is reduced (badly affected cooling towers can sometimes need cleaning monthly)

Technical Specification for the Hydro-Fil Mini Side Stream filter

  • Polished 304 stainless steel treatment chamber with stainless steel magnetic
  • DN 20 model: 1 magnet 300 mm
  • EPDM O’ Ring sealing D. 124 mm torus D.6 mm
  • Inlet and outlet manometers, pipes and bottom drain: all in stainless-steel
  • Adjustable stainless-steel feet to alter the height of the side stream filter unit
  • Enclosed lid M12 wing bolts stainless steel with ball joints and clips, fully dismountable
  • Stainless steel basket and basket holder for the side stream filtration unit
  • 0-10 bars Glycerin Pressure gauge with brass pipe and air vent valve with D.4-6 mm cannula and compression
  • Connection ¼” male radial
  • Delivered with T adaptor, ball valve purge, and air bleed/filling valve
  • Max. Pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. temperature: 90°C
  • Drain with plug: ½

Fully compatible with biocides and corrosion inhibitors, which are also available from Hydro-X Water Treatment

What’s the difference between the Hydro-Fil side stream filtration units DN20 And DN32?

The technical specifications listed above do apply to both Hydro-Fil Mini DN20 and DN32. However, the only difference between these two products is the inlet and outlet size of the connecting valves.

These valves pass water at full flow in and out of the Hydro-Fil Mini i.e. DN20 is 20 mm connection and DN32 is 32mm connections.

side stream filter for cooling tower

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Side Stream Filter Thermal Insulation Jacket for Hydro-Fil filters DN20 And DN32

Protects the side stream filter unit from heat losses in heating installations and condensation in ice water installations. This jacket is mounted very easily without tools. Place this around the body and on the cover after to the installation of the filter unit. As a result, this isolates the whole of its environment.

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Side stream filters heating systems
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