Legionella Testing Kits One Ultra

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Why use Legionella Testing Kits One Ultra?

With an easy-to-use lateral flow technology, these kits provide quick and accurate results for the detection of Legionella pneumophila Serogroup 1 from any water sample. 

Legionella Serogroups are the main cause of Legionnaires disease, being able to rapidly detect Legionella bacteria means prevention methods can be put in place before an outbreak – saving money and legal repercussions!  

The Legionella One Ultra, is highly sensitive, providing a detectable result at 100 CFU/L (0.1 CFU/ml) in only 25 minutes, preventing long lab waits for results, and results can be received in the field. 

These Legionella testing kits are extremely reliable, harnessing the innovative filter technology from Hydrosense, it is capable of precisely detecting bacteria from a water sample. 

Perfect for testing for Legionella Bacteria in high areas, including cooling towers/evaporative systems, shower systems, water storage units, basins, spa & swimming pools and even the water from decorative fountains, giving unbeatable coverage from a single-use test.

Legionella Testing Kits

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Unrivalled Speed

World’s fastest on-site Legionella Testing Kit, no need for long lab repost lead times with a real times result in just 25mins!

Easy to Use

With a simple to use lateral flow test, it can used by anyone with minimal training

HydroSense App

Log and report you results on your smartphone and get verification from the HydroSense portal.


Capable of detecting with precision Legionella pneumophila Serogroups 1

Who should use Legionella Testing Kits?

Any industry that handles water is at risk of Legionella bacteria being present and possible Legionella pneumophila infection.

For some industries it is recommended that water is tested more frequently and can benefit from the ease of use and speedy results that HydroSense One Ultra DIY Legionella test kits can provide, including:

  • Hospitals and care homes

With complex water systems and caring for patients that have compromised immune systems, frequent water test is a must. These testing kits can lead to early detections and quick remedial action

  • Commercial Real Estate

Owners of commercial buildings with cooling towers/evaporative cooling systems or large water systems will find this new testing kit an invaluable product for early detection and prevention of the spread of Legionella Bacteria for the protection of public health

  • Manufacturing Plants

With manufacturing plants using complex and extensive water systems and cooling systems on site, early detection of Legionella, can aid in early remedial action and preventing outbreaks which can cause costly shutdowns, supply chain reputation and productivity,