Automatic Hand Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser – 1L

  • Suitable for Our Hand Sanitiser Gel products
  • Refillable – just fill up the internal container
  • Touchless sensor operated hand sanitiser gel and liquid soap dispenser
  • Made for high traffic, public locations
  • Battery operated with 1L capacity, automatically providing 1ml delivery per shot
  • Key lockable, preventing misuse
  • Weighs just 0.6 KG
  • Dimensions: H250mm x W126mm x D100mm


£10.00 (ex VAT)

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Why should you choose our Automatic Hand Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser?

  • Ease of Use – it is mentioned in the name but the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is exactly that, automatic. Users are not required to press a button to access sanitiser, unlike its manual counterpart.
  • Swift installation – even though it is an extremely productive piece of technology which is durable, the actual set up process is surprisingly quick. And it doesn’t require an engineer to follow the instructions.
  • Versatile – there is no reason why you can’t install one of these dispensers in several parts of a building, it can fit on walls in a variety of properties from large commercial skyscrapers to small domestic households.