Hand Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser (Manual)

Hand Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser (Manual)



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Why is our Hand Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser suitable for your premises?

  • Quick installation – we don’t supply a dispenser which takes hours and hours out of a busy operational day (which is already filled with different tasks), it’s simple to install and mount.
  • Compact – it’s a unit which holds enough supply to prevent having to purchase new bottles every day, but it doesn’t take up too much space in the office/warehouse/building and cause a nuisance.
  • Adaptable – the hand sanitiser dispenser unit is suitable for a number of different types of properties.
  • Simple to top up – our dispensers refill to full capacity with hand sanitizer easily.
  • Immobile – with a lot of product types, this may sound like it’s a flaw. Not with the Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. Documents, pens and other office items are lost multiple times by different employees throughout any given day, or rather, misplaced. With this dispenser you’ll be aware of where it is at all times, reducing frustration.
  • No Sensor – the effectiveness of pushing the button will hardly ever drop below 100%, unless the tank is empty, of course. Similarly to when someone visits a self checkout in a supermarket and a barcode doesn’t scan, if the technology fails, you either need to be extremely patient or seek some external help. Not a good impression for any visitors.

Comparing this Hand Sanitiser Wall Dispenser to the Touch Free version

In our range, we also supply a hands-free and an automatic dispenser, and each one has different strengths, putting the ultimate choice down to personal and business preference.

It’s true that these versions may seem more impressive to passers-by and gives a wow factor to people walking into the building for the first time, but aesthetics aren’t the only element the buyer should consider.

Less Waste, Higher Efficiency

The practicality of the push hand sanitiser dispenser is where it differs. It does take a tiny bit of extra effort to provide the touch which releases the hand gel, however, the recipient will be fully expecting it to be produced.

This cuts down on one component, in comparison to the other two in the range – wastage. Even the highest performing wall dispensers that run without a manual aspect may cause spills from time to time. Especially if you think about soap dispensers operating in public places with high foot traffic.

Those less experienced with using the no-touch option (and more used to using soap and water) will undoubtedly need a few attempts before they get the complete hang of things. And these few attempts can result in the alcohol hand sanitiser liquid gathering underneath the dispenser, where those attempts have ultimately been failures. Contrastingly, the chances of this happening with the Hand Sanitiser Dispenser sold on this page are minimal to none.

On the aesthetic element, the general consensus seems to be that sanitiser dispensers are notoriously unpleasant to look at on a daily or even infrequent basis. Which is why we’re proud to supply a model with a slick, white design, with a conscious effort having been made to steer away from an old fashioned, out of date appearance.

Another element that needs to be taken into consideration which may be surprising is theft. Any items or products that have been created to help kill virus particles that are continuing to cause high numbers of fatalities worldwide, will be predictably highly sought after.

And without having any statistics to determine otherwise, logically, you can surmise that the odd bottle of rub or gel will go missing from time to time. The ethics and morality behind that can be discussed in the days following, but one thing is for sure. For the next period of time, anyone passing through that same area will not have the option to use it. Unless it’s stored safely in a Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with a lockable lid.

Soap and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser – UK Delivery

We can deliver the wall mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser anywhere in the UK. Please note – shipping days for delivery may vary and are stock dependent.

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