Legionella Training Courses

As the UK’s No.1 Legionella Training Courses Provider, we offer a broad range of accredited City and Guilds Accredited legionella training courses. Our legionella training meets a vast variety of roles and responsibilities, all adhering to ACoP L8.

City & Guilds Accredited Programme

Legionella Training Courses

The UK’s No.1 Legionella Training Courses Provider

At Hydro-X Training, we offer a full range of Legionella training to suit your professional and business needs, with a mix of e-learning solutions to on-site training using one of our highly experienced trainers. Need something more bespoke? Discuss your training requirement today. 

With over 35 years of experience in health and safety compliance training, we can offer high-quality training to new and experienced learners alike, with supportive and knowledgeable trainers of water hygiene offering a range of City and Guild Accredited Programmes.

All our Legionella training cover the legislation surrounding legionnaires disease, including ACop L8 awareness training and HTM 04-01 so all our delegates leave our course confident to apply their knowledge and new skills safely.

We currently offer a range of 6 Legionella training courses to meet everyone’s compliance needs.

Legionella Awareness Training

Legionella Responsible Persons Training

Legionella Responsible Persons Training with Cooling Towers

Legionella Operative Training

Legionella Risk Assessment Training Course

Legionella Training: Cooling Systems Operators

Correct Method for Legionella Water Sampling

All courses include all the materials needed, assessments, and certification at no additional cost. Book online today, or call our knowledgeable sales team who can help you meet all your training needs on 01909 66 67 08.

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Choose from 4 learning types for Legionella Training

Why choose Hydro-X Training for Legionella Training Courses?


Accredited by City & Guilds. Taught by industry professionals & experienced trainers who are experts in their field.

Value for money

Receive your certificates at no extra cost! All of our courses include accreditations in the price.


Have flexibility with your training with a dedicated course and a vast number of course dates to choose from.


Choose from virtual, blended, on-site and classroom learning across a range of industries.
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Why choose Hydro-X Training for Legionella Training?

We believe we are the UK’s No.1 preferred supplier of Legionella Training Courses. All our training courses are Accredited Programmes by City & Guilds, with most of them having the option to complete using our bespoke virtual classroom environment.

All our courses are designed for real-life scenarios and tried & tested by our in-house team of water technicians with years of experience. Furthermore, our Legionella courses cover the HSE guidance documents – ACoP L8 and HSG274.


Legionella Training Courses
Legionella Awareness Training Course Housekeepers and Cleaning

Legionella Awareness Training Course

This City & Guilds Accredited Legionella Awareness course is designed to cover basic training requirements for any personnel involved in hot and cold water supplies. It covers the basics of the Approved Code of Practice (Acop) L8 guidance on Legionnaires Disease and HSG274, as well as covering what Legionella is and what effects Legionella disease can cause to a person.

We offer this Legionella Awareness course in 4 different delivery methods,

Classroom, Virtual Classroom on onsite delivery is suitable for anyone involved in water systems hygiene control, who may be exposed to aerosols or needs a refresher on Legionella guidance and regulations. This delivery will also focus on the key aspects of legionella bacteria control

The E-Learning delivery is designed for delegates with minimal legionella bacteria exposure. This City & Guilds Accredited course is for delegates that require the very basic level of training required, and their certificate will specify that this course is for House Keepers and Cleaning Staff.

Legionella Responsible Person Training

Hydro-X Training offers a City & Guilds Accredited responsible person course designed for delegates that are involved in the management of Legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems, or those who may be appointed as Legionella Responsible Person, Legionella Deputy Responsible Person or as a Legionella Duty Holder.

This course goes deeper into the legislation and guidance than the Awareness Course covering the importance of the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974, RIDDOR, COSHH, ACop L8, and HSG274. Furthermore, this course covers what roles and responsibilities Legionella’s Responsible person would have and looks at the risk of the moral, legal, and financial implications that come as part of poor Legionella management.

This does cover risk assessments of Legionella, with the aim to minimize the risk of the bacteria in hot and cold water systems. For a more in-depth Risk Assessment course, we offer a course that covers hot and cold water systems.

Legionella Hot and Cold Water Systems Risk Assessment
Legionella Training Cooling Systems

Legionella Responsible Training with Cooling Towers

This course is a 2-day version of the Legionella Responsible Person, as the additional day covers the high risk of legionella with cooling towers/ evaporative cooling towers. Furthermore, this course has been designed for delegates who may become Responsible/Deputy Responsible Persons, Duty Holders, engineers, and managers of sites that have cooling towers. This additional course covers additional legislation such as Consultation with Employees Regulations 1996 and Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condenser Regs.


Classroom and onsite sessions are done back to back with the Responsible Persons Course, however, if using the virtual classroom method, you need to book BOTH the Responsible Person session AND the cooling towers session to receive a City & Guild Accredited Programme Certificate for Hot and Cold Systems with Cooling Towers.

Legionella Operative Training Course

This 1-day City & Guild Accredited training course is designed for delegates who wish to develop their knowledge of Legionella control in Hot and Cold water systems and carry out semiskilled tasks associated with controlling Legionella. This could include TMVS, cold water storage tank inspections, basic sampling, cleaning of calorifiers, and vessel purging. Legislation is covered in more detail, in particular the Acop L8 and HSG274 Part 2, alongside written schemes, basic risk assessment, and emergency procedures.

Delegates will gain deeper practical knowledge on TMV maintenance, descaling and disinfection, flushing, and drain purging.

It is recommended that prospective candidates have a good level of industry knowledge or have taken a Legionella Awareness Course with a recognised training body. For more information, our knowledgeable sales team can be contacted on 01909 666078 or through the contact form above.

Legionella Risk Assessment of Hot and Cold Water Systems

Hydro-X Training is pleased to announce a new course in their Legionella Training portfolio with this 2-day City & Guilds Accredited Programme covering Legionella Risk Assessment on Hot and Cold Water Systems. It has been designed for delegates that have been tasked with writing a risk assessment or ensuring one is in place. As part of the course, there is a written risk assessment exercise for a fake company using schematic diagrams.

This is as well as covering the legal requirements of a risk assessment and following the procedures covered in BS8580 , Water supply regulations and areas of hot and cold water where Legionella bacteria may be proliferate.


To be accepted on this course you need to have a Legionella Responsible Person for Hot and Cold Water Systems or equivalent training, good understanding or relevant industry experience, and knowledge of hot and cold water systems (or have completed a Legionella Operative Course)

Legionella Operative Training
Legionella Water Sampling

Correct Method for Legionella Water Sampling

Our latest addition to Hydro-X Training Legionella Training Course collection: Corret Method for Legionella Water Sampling. This course is a 1-day City & Guilds Accredited Programme covering routine water sampling for legionella. This course is run following the HSE directives HSG274 and HSG282, which recommends that Legionella Sampling is part of the control regimes with cooling towers, evaporative condensers, spa pools and high-risk areas such as hot & cold-water systems.

This course covers Legionella Bacteria and the associated dangers with the bacteria, including legionnaires disease, effective disinfection procedures and the skills to be able to produce and implement a sampling plan, furthermore, the learner will cover different techniques and the value of regular dip slide testing.

Correct Method for Legionella Water Sampling can be completed as a 1-day classroom at one of our training venues, 1/2 day virtual live classroom or as a dedicated course on your business premise. The dedicated course is ideal if you have 5 or more delegates needing the training.


What is Legionnaires Disease and how can you get it?

Legionnaires disease is a form of lung disease that can range from a severe form of pneumonia to the milder Pontiac fever, which is caused by the water bourne bacteria Legionella. This disease is easily spread into man-made water systems, including cooling towers and pipes. 

At the correct temperatures, Legionella bacteria can multiply very quickly, and furthermore are easily spread through droplets (aerosols) in the air, with common sources including spa pools and hot & cold water systems.

Whilst Legionella disease isn’t contagious between humans it is easily spread through infected water systems. Doing a Legionella Training course with Hydro-X will cover risk management and how to become a competent person maintaining water systems and minimising the risk of Legionnaires Disease. 

The legislation covered in our Legionella courses 

All our accredited Legionella training courses cover all the essential legislation so you have a full understanding of the legal side of water management, including ACoP L8 Compliance, HSG 274 Guidance and HTM 04 – 01

Why do you need to complete an ACoP L8 Course? 

The ACoP L8 (Approved Code of practice (ACoP) L8) is the UK’s primary legionella bacteria control document, approved by HSE. It offers guidance on controlling the bacteria in water systems. 

The ACoP is supported by HSG274 which provides additional guidance and practical advice on the control in different areas of the water hygiene industry regarding Legionella.   

These pieces of guidance work in conjunction with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances  Hazardous to Health 2002. 

ACoP L8 as a piece of guidance isn’t compulsory to follow, however, it is important to be aware that ACoPs have special legal status:

“If you are prosecuted for breach of health and safety law, and it is proved that you did not follow the relevant provisions of the Code, you will need to show that you have complied with the law in some other way or a Court will find you at fault.”

Do you legally need a legionella training course?

There is no legal requirement to comply with the Approved Code of Practice ACoP L8 and HSG 274. In the same way, the law does not state to comply with the Highway Code. Therefore, it is not a legal requirement to go through a legionella training course.

Although you don’t legally need to take a legionella training course, you must be able to prove your understanding of your legal responsibilities. In addition, you will be able to demonstrate that you have the appropriate level of knowledge to be competent to do the job required. It is nearly impossible to be able to show this without having the training to ensure you reach those levels. Furthermore, the ACoP L8 guidelines, issued by the HSE, mention the need for regular refresher courses.

For more information: Do you legally need legionella training?