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As the UK’s No.1 Legionella Training Courses Provider, we offer a broad range of accredited City and Guilds Accredited legionella courses. Our legionella training meets a vast variety of roles and responsibilities, all adhering to ACoP L8.

City & Guilds Accredited Programme


The UK’s No.1 Legionella Training Courses Provider

At HX Training, we offer a full range of legionella training courses to suit your professional needs. Whether you are an individual or a large business, we have you covered. Furthermore, if you need training tailored to your company’s specific requirements, we offer private courses too. Either request a quote or contact us for more information.

Our expert trainers have years of experience delivering legionnaire training to a range of new and experienced learners. In addition, our trainers are on hand to give support throughout the legionella course. Furthermore, all of our ACoP L8 training are City and Guilds accredited programmes.

The essential legislation covered in our legionella training courses:

legionella course: technical operative

Why do you need to complete an ACoP L8 Course?

Legionella training courses are essential for anyone in control of hot and cold water systems that are prone to legionella bacteria growth. Essentially, legionella risk assessors should complete a suitable ACoP L8 course to comply with their legal responsibility, as well as following the appropriate health and safety law. Furthermore, this legionella course must be at the correct level to perform your legal duties safely and effectively.

ACoP training is an essential part of all legionella bacteria control to prevent Legionnaires disease. It is necessary to be competent to carry out a legionella risk assessment, if you have any involvement of the control of legionella. Fortunately, our City and Guilds legionella risk assessment courses cover all of this essential information and more. As a result, you will be able to assess sources of risk, control legionella bacteria and act accordingly.

Legionella Training Courses can be referred to as:

  • ACoP L8 Course
  • Legionella Management Course
  • Water Treatment Course
  • Legionella Risk Assessment Course
  • Legionnaires Course

Choose from 4 learning types for ACoP L8 Training

Online Legionella Training Courses

HX Training are the longest training provider to offer online legionella training courses through our bespoke live virtual classrooms. We have tried and tested this method to guarantee you receive the exact same knowledge and support as our face to face courses. This means we assure effective results to manage your daily tasks of legionella control. As a direct online alternative to our ACoP L8 classroom courses, you are provided with the same expert trainer, presenting the course live.

Why choose Online Legionella Training?

Throughout the legionella training course, you can interact with the trainer, who will answer ANY questions you may have. This is a much more personal and effective alternative to traditional online courses, which other training companies provide. Foremost, their impersonal online courses are often frowned upon by the HSE. This is because you will not receive the same level of training to help you complete your duties for legionella control.

With our unique option for ACoP L8 training, we offer a well-rounded knowledge base. On the other hand, you may not get this with other e-learning approaches, such as ‘stop and start’ video learning.

We only offer this option for our e-learning legionella awareness training, as this is the most basic level of education. Therefore, it is only suitable for those with minimal exposure to risks of legionella.

Remote learning offers exactly the same City and Guilds certificate as our face to face courses. HX Training ensures you leave with a good level of knowledge to control Legionnaires disease outside of training.

These legionella training courses make a great choice for:

  • Legionella Management Training Course
  • Awareness Training
  • Legionella Control Training Course
  • Legionella Risk Assessment Training Course

Why choose HX Training for Legionella Training Courses?


Accredited by City & Guilds. Taught by industry professionals & experienced trainers who are experts in their field.

Value for money

Receive your certificates at no extra cost! All of our courses include accreditations in the price.


Have flexibility with your training with a dedicated course and a vast number of course dates to choose from.


Choose from virtual, blended, on-site and classroom learning across a range of industries.

What is the ACoP L8 and how is it relevant to our Legionella Training Courses?

The Health Safety Executive (HSE) wrote and produced the approved code of practice (ACoP L8) . It is a book covering the identification and risk management when it comes to legionella water treatment. Duty holders and responsible employers should adhere to the precautions written within the text.

By following the guidelines within the ACoP L8, the legal responsibilities will be fulfilled. However, as precaution to carry out these responsibilities, an appropriate legionella training course should taken. Furthermore, the most basic level of training, such as L8 Awareness Training, is essential for legionella bacteria management and control.

Separate publications include:

  • The technical guidance document HSG 274
  • The healthcare HTM 04-01 guidance document

What is Legionnaires Disease?

Legionnaires disease is caused by legionella bacteria. Furthermore, legionella bacteria is spread through water systems that have temperature high enough to encourage bacteria growth. This can include cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems, and spa pools. In addition, the bacteria can grow many different types of premises.

How do you get Legionnaires Disease?

A common way that individuals are infected with Legionnaires’ disease is through inhaling droplets of water (aerosols) in the air. These droplets will contain legionella bacteria. Furthermore, Legionnaires’ disease is essentially a deadly variety of pneumonia.

Human contact cannot spread this type of pneumonia. However, despite this, Legionellosis can affect a large number of people in a short space of time through domestic appliances (e.g. showers) or commercial systems (e.g. air conditioning units).

If left untreated the disease can be fatal. This is why it is very significant to manage public health by undertaking a Legionnaire Training Course.

What is a legionella risk assessment?

A suitable and sufficient legionella risk assessment should be carried out. This is to identify and assess sources of legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems. As a result, you may take any safety measures needed.

The legionella risk assessment is a live document . Therefore, this should be reviewed regularly and specifically when there is a reason to believe it is no longer valid. This includes a review of the management and communication procedures.

Legionella Risk Assessment Summary:

  1. The duty holder ensures that a legionella risk assessment is carried out on all water systems
  2. The duty holder should appoint a responsible person to control the daily risk of legionella bacteria. Frequently the responsible person will have at least one deputy to cover in case of absences.
  3. A legionella risk assessment should be carried out by a competent person who has been trained and has sufficient experience.
  4. A written scheme should be put together to control the risk of legionella bacteria. This is a detailed action plan of what is to be carried out, by whom and how often.
  5.  The legionella risk assessment for landlords should be reviewed regularly.
  6. All persons named on the legionella risk assessment must have appropriate Legionella Training.

For more information: Legionella Risk Assessments Explained

legionella training course: awareness

What is the difference between Legionella ‘Responsible Person’ and duty holder?

The legionella duty holder is either:

(a) the employer, where there is a risk of legionella bacteria to their employees or others

(b) a self-employed person, where there is a risk to themselves or others

(c) the person who is in control of premises

(d) the person who is in control of legionella bacteria risk in the building (e.g. where a building is let to tenants, but the landlord is responsible for maintenance)

The roles and responsibilities of a duty holder and legionella responsible person:

The duty holder ensures the legionella risk assessment will be carried out. If the risk assessment shows that there is a foreseeable risk, the duty holder should appoint a responsible person within the business.

The appointed responsible person who carries out the risk assessment, should have the competence and knowledge to do so. Furthermore, the responsible person should provide advice on legionella control. As a result, all duties can be carried out quickly and effectively.

The responsible person will help comply with the requirements in COSHH. Furthermore, under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, a named responsible person must have fundamental health and safety duties. These include carrying out legionella risk assessments and a responsibility for the management of legionella bacteria. More information can be found under HSE’s Part 1: The control of legionella bacteria in evaporative cooling systems (PDF).

What if the duty holder does not employ a responsible person?

Where the dutyholder does not employ anyone with the necessary competence, they may need to appoint people from outside the organisation. In such circumstances, the duty holder should take all reasonable steps to ensure the competence of those carrying out work.

Overall, both the duty holder and responsible person should be aware of the dangers of legionella bacteria.

Do you legally need a legionella training course?

There is no legal requirement to comply with the Approved Code of Practice ACoP L8 and HSG 274. In the same way the law does not state to comply with the Highway Code. Therefore, it is not a legal requirement to go through a legionella training course.

Although you don’t legally need to take a legionella training course, you must be able to prove your understanding of your legal responsibilities. In addition, you will be able to demonstrate that you have the appropriate level of knowledge to be competent to do the job required. It is nearly impossible to be able to show this without having training to ensure you reach those levels. Furthermore, the ACoP L8 guidelines, issued by the HSE, mention the need for regular refresher courses.

For more information: Do you legally need legionella training?

Who are City & Guilds UK?

City & Guilds are an organisation and charity based in the UK. They have been accrediting international training providers for over 140 years. As a result, employers have the upmost respect for their legionella qualifications.

Developing skills is an important aspect of any employee work life and their customers. City & Guilds have been helping to raise standards across all types of industries. We’re proud to offer to City & Guilds Legionella Courses so you can earn a ACoP L8 Certificate.

Specialist Facilities at Our Training Centres

HX Training pride ourselves on innovatively and successfully delivering classroom courses to thousands of delegates at our nationwide venues. 

Our nationwide venues hold specialist, in-house facilities to aid your classroom experience. With our experience of 35 years in the sector, you can trust that we deliver tried and tested courses that infiltrate quality results outside of the training room.

Our classroom courses incorporate: trainer explanation, a presentation, group discussion, videos, practical classroom exercise and breakout sessions. At HX Training Centre’s, our courses are hosted in spacious training rooms with refreshments and the opportunity to network if you wish.

Confined Space Course
fire damper testing course
Our  courses are designed to meet the needs of candidates at all levels of technical competence and experience, including business owners and directors, landlords, facilities managers, technicians, duty holders and those appointed as the responsible person.

HX Training provide a broad range of courses that suit your legal and compliance requirements. By using the best educational research and practices, we are able to deliver learning in a way that works best for you. Our experienced trainers give an accomplished level of knowledge to guarantee a strong success rate to ensure you and your team gain an accredited certification at the end of the training.

Just see what our customers we have supplied training for and what our delegates have to say about HX Training.

Longest running health, safety and compliance training provider to offer this unique training offer

As one of the leading health, safety and compliance training providers within the UK, HX Training have innovatively and successfully delivered this method of unique, online training to thousands of delegates.

Instead of using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, our live virtual classrooms involve a tried and tested method of non-practical training course delivery that represents the best alternative to classroom training. HX Training offers the only City and Guilds approved and accredited live virtual classroom courses within the UK. Additionally, our online training covers different levels of compliance, which are suitable for any type of business.

Online Legionella responsible person training
LIVE Virtual Classroom

Live virtual classroom means the trainer offers a learner-centered approach, similarly to a classroom course, to ensure delegates’ educational needs are met. All of the online training provides a live trainer, ready to answer your questions throughout. In addition, the online training courses include: trainer explanation, a presentation, videos, questions and answer session, and finished with a multiple choice assessment.

As a user friendly, alternative approach to classroom training, delegates will finish our online training with refined skills that they can successfully apply to their place of work. Furthermore, virtual learning is both cost and time effective for both businesses and employees.

With our experience of 35 years in the sector, you can trust that we deliver courses of the best quality. Just see what our customers we have supplied training for and what our delegates have to say about HX Training.

Bespoke training, tailored to you and your companies needs

As one of the leading health, safety and compliance training providers, HX Training have successfully delivered on-site courses to thousands of delegates across the UK.

Our experienced trainers give an accomplished level of knowledge to guarantee a strong success rate, involving both practical and theoretical elements to guarantee you get the most out of training with us.

A majority of our courses are City and Guilds Accredited. Additionally, we are an Accredited IOSH Training Provider, so you are assured delegates leave with quality skills and knowledge they can apply within the workplace.

Confined Spaces Training
on-site training

HX Training are able to provide a broad range of courses that suit your legal and compliance requirements. By using educational research and practices, we are able to deliver the best quality training. We can tailor any of the below courses to suit your business requirements. If you have 5 delegates or more who need to take a course, we can deliver this to you, anywhere within the UK!

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of candidates at all levels of technical competence and experience, including business owners and directors, landlords, facilities managers, technicians, duty holders and those appointed as the responsible person.

Just see what our customers we have supplied training for and what our delegates have to say about HX Training.

Quality courses at your convenience

Hydro-X training is proud to offer the UK's ONLY accredited modern Legionella Awareness E-learning course.

This Online Legionella Awareness Training Courses is suitable for:

  • Retail staff
  • Cleaners
  • Caretakers

If you are not sure that this is the correct course for you, please email us at training@hydro-x.co.uk or call on 01909 66 70 08 to discuss.

Our Online Legionella Awareness Course represents the lowest acceptable level of training to satisfy the requirements for appropriate training as noted in the ACoP L8 HSG724.

This course has been specifically designed for staff that have very little contact with water hygiene controls. Persons who DONOT HAVE ANY DIRECT RESPONSIBILTIY for water hygiene compliance, and who only complete simple compliance tasks routinely.

After you've purchased the course you will immediately receive an email confirming your enrolment in the course. This email will also provide you with a link to login to our E-learning Dashboard to access your course.