Water Softener Salt Granules

Benefits of our Water Softener Salt Granules 25kg or 10kg bags

  • We supply them in 25kg or 10kg bags
  • Delivery is included in the price, with all prices being ex VAT
  • For use in Industrial Grade or Commercial Softeners
  • Breaks down Hard water and Reduces Minerals
  • Dissolves Quickly for Premium Quality Brine

Please be aware a tail lift will be needed when we deliver the items.

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Accepted Payments October 2020

How do our Water Softener Salt Granules 25kg or 10kg differ from Tablets?

Water Softener Salt Granules 25kg and water softener salt granules 10kg bags are extremely refined compared to their chunkier, more solid tablet counterparts. 

Rather than being manufactured into a tablet shape, the granules are formed via a separate process. Vacuum salt, in the form of a compact sheet, is crushed and strained to create the tinier particle-like substances.

Bulk discounts available for water softener salt granules 25kg bags:

  • 20 bags – £14.79 each
  • 40 bags – £12.97 each
  • 49 bags – £12.38 each

Bulk discounts available for water softener salt granules 10kg bags:

  • 50 bags – £6.72 each
  • 100 bags – £6.35 each
  • 120 bags – £6.35 each

How can the granular salt water softener benefit a system?

  • Water Softener Salt Granules are ideal for both domestic and commercial premises, along with a variety of different size systems and buildings. The salt collaborates with water softeners to decrease hard water. In addition, it works well with both classic one cylinder softeners and the more modern higher-tech softeners.
  • The salt breaks down minerals within the water with great ease. Therefore, preventing the chance for limescale to build-up within a water system. This would negatively affect efficiency and increase operational costs.
  • The granular salt water softener have been created from high quality, pure food-grade salt, which is perfect for commercial water softeners. The granular salts are also widely renowned for use within dishwashers. As the majority of dishwasher users probably know, a build-up of food solids can render them useless.
  • The process of regeneration becomes optimised with this granular salt and your chosen water softener. No leftover residue will remain. Within the water, the granulated salt is dissolved at a high speed because of its purity.
  • We have worked extremely hard to make sure that our salt product complies fully with the most recent guidelines.
  • Certain types of granular salt water softener can cause blockages within systems. However, because of the detailed amount of quality control that occurs in the lengthy production process, customers can rest assured that gratings within water infrastructures stay clear.

Other water softener salt products

Apart from Granule Salt Water Softener and tablets, there has been another format that has recently come to fruition. This is block salt, which is potentially an avenue that the HX Store will look to stock in future. Similarly to the other two types, it’s pure and food grade, which means there are no harmful additives.