How Aeroseal can help you reduce your energy bill and assist you on the road to net zero

AEROSEAL is a patented technology for efficiently and effectively sealing of existing air duct systems from inside out in the quickest possible and with little disruption.

Hydro-X Air will be hosting an innovation day where we will demonstrate live how Aeroseal technology works. 


Date – 20th July 2022
Location – Myrtle Studios, Unit 2c, The High Cross Centre, London, N15 4QN


What causes ductwork to leak?

Damaged in transit/Poor ductwork modifications/Poor system design/Poor onsite adjustments/Ductwork flanged connection, slip joins and fixings can all leak making it impossible to find and seal all leaking points.


Energy Efficiency – ROI can be calculated once pressure testing has occurred

  • The average leakage in air duct systems in Europe is 15 – 30%
  • Big potential for savings in fan power and heating and cooling energy
  • As a rule, the absorbed power of the fan increases in relation to the air leakage rate by a factor of 3
  • For example, the total air leakage rate reduces by 90% from 15% to 1.5%, a 13.5% improvement, therefore fan power is typically reduced by 3 x 13.5% = 40.5%


Increase in comfort and Hygiene



Prior to sealing, pressure testing on the area is completed to calculate leakage volume. Report generated at the time of sealing.


A Win-Win solution for everyone involved

Aeroseal provides facility managers and energy efficiency consultants with a simple and effective method of optimising leaking air ducts in existing buildings and reducing energy costs