Water Treatment for Closed Loop Systems

Closed loop water systems are used in a variety of applications, most commonly as industrial heating systems. Whilst these generally have greater efficiency and lower maintenance over other systems, this does not mean that they are maintenance free. Closed system water treatment helps prevent scale, corrosion, and bacteria build-up, which can cause reduced efficiency and blocked valves.

Heating and Cooling System solutions

Whether you have a closed system that is a district network or a heating/cooling network, this is often your most critical energy system. For our closed system water treatment, Hydro-X provides advanced monitoring and control solutions to complement our unique chemistry and filtration to minimise deposition and prevent corrosion. We support this with locally based and trained water treatment service experts that deliver same-day service reports to assess system performance and reduce any surprises proactively.

Well maintained and serviced closed loop water systems deliver the most efficient, and therefore cost effective utility that meets the demand of a changing environment. We use different water treatment chemicals to treat a number of potential problems and our vast experience allows us to manage the water chemistry effectively.

Scale and corrosion inhibitors are special chemicals which help by working to prevent the formation of scale in the closed system. If scale was to build up in a heat exchanger for example, it would lead to a loss in heat transfer efficiency.

In untreated systems a number of microbes/bacteria can form, of which slime forming bacteria can coat surfaces and reduce the systems efficiency. To combat this we used biocides to prevent the build up of bacteria which if left unchecked can be problematic.

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