Hydro-Safe Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Hydro-Safe Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Working in partnership with EMEC for the manufacturing of our design, Hydro-X Group is pleased to offer the most advanced Chlorine Dioxide generator on the market. Producing a conversion efficiency of >98.6% of the possible 80% Yield.

The new Hydro-Safe also has the unique ability to stabilise the produced Chlorine Dioxide for up to 12 weeks, making the Hydro-Safe a game changer in the Chlorine Dioxide market and the Water Treatment Services industry.

Digital Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Hydro-Safe uses digital dosing technologies which achieves straight line dosing rather than the peaks and troughs of outdated proportional dosing Chlorine Dioxide technologies. This provides peace of mind that over and under dosing is being prevented.

The Generator can produce Chlorine Dioxide by mixing Hydrochloric acid with Sodium chlorite Solution. The results are a liquid that smells of chlorine, and an end product that is stabilized chlorine dioxide gas.

Hydro-Safe has the ability to constantly monitor the production and control level within any dosing circuit: with all the data available online via the ERMES system; this technology differentiates Hydro-Safe from the rest of the chlorine dioxide generators on the market.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators with Advanced Functionality

Hydro-Safe’s all-encompassing unit, not only doses  and produces Chlorine Dioxide to any water system, its intelligent brain will also only make a batch of Chlorine Dioxide when needed and can work out what is needed based on demand.

This means that when dosing into the likes of health care, care homes and domestic drinking water systems, consent limits are not compromised due to the Advanced Technology which generates >98.6% stability. This also means that consent limits for chlorite and chlorate are not compromised: unlike many other units available where conversion rates are low; chemical stability is lost in hours; and dosing is proportional. 

Hydro-Safe’s Additional Safety Features include:

  • Full colour coding of precursor lines, tanks/bunds and pumps, taking the risk away from mixing up component and chemical.
  • Real Time ERMES Telemetry and customer portal as standard
  • Digital dosing technology
  • Chlorine Dioxide monitoring 
  • Chlorite Monitoring
  • Chlorine Dioxide Alarm

Our Hydro-Safe Chlorine Dioxide solution offers great flexibility over a range of usage figures and industries with the ability to treat systems with water usage of between 1 and 160m3 and hour.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators can be used to treat cooling towers, swimming pools, fish tanks and hydroponic systems.

The Hydro-Safe is also designed to be is a sustainable chlorine dioxide system: there is no need to constantly bleed water to drain to record levels past a pressure sensitive probe.

Safety and Stability from our Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Hydro-X Water Treatment Managing Director, Gary Sewell; with over 25 years’ experience in Chlorine Dioxide generation technology, suggests that Hydro-Safe is the most advanced technology to date. Hydro-Safe produces Chlorine Dioxide safely, and with its ability to produce the end product at low concentrations enables the stability not to be compromised. 

Hydro-X Group is the UK’s largest independently owned National Process Water Treatment Company where our customers become long term business partners and Hydro-X becomes their “Trusted Advisor”.

Reducing legionella risk through the control and application of this highly effective oxidising biocide will help minimise the risk on the most challenging of water systems.

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