District Energy – Hydro X

Due to our vast experience in this sector, we understand that water is crucial in the delivery of the heat around the system. We have a range of products and services that can help to ensure the water and the system is at optimal performance.

Our inhouse blended corrosion inhibitors and biocides can help to continuously treat the system and result in:

  • Increased heat exchange efficiency
  • Reduced breakdowns and callouts
  • Reduced downtime

The monitoring regime we provide can help to give you peace of mind regarding the overall health of your system as it contains quarterly analysis of the water quality and highlights areas of concern in the report

We are continually improving our products to ensure they meet our clients demands and can keep up with the latest technology.
We have already produced some altered versions of our products that will allow you to remotely and continuously monitor your systems ensuring that any problems can be swiftly acted on

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