Hydro-Net Closed System Remote Water Monitoring

A remote water quality monitoring system paired with our Hydro-Net technology allows you to monitor your system online. From simply checking recorded data to advanced online real-time monitoring, the Hydro-X technology will give you the information you need, when you need it, to help maintain your most critical systems proactively.

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What is a remote water quality monitoring system?

Remote water monitoring systems are becoming a valuable part of any water quality monitoring system. Remote systems allow users to connect to business-critical systems from anywhere in the world to monitor the water quality in the systems at any time.

Remote systems monitoring equipment offer real time data that will alert users to any out of specification results instantly – meaning risks for the end user are minimised as instant action can be taken. The remote systems collect data onto cloud platforms which can then be trended to give useful data for analysis to investigate further efficiency improvements.

Remote monitoring using Hydro-X’s Hydro-Net system can use various sensors such as temperature sensors; pH; bromine; chlorine; dissolved oxygen; conductivity; ORP; turbidity; pressure; flow; and corrosion of multiple metals. This variety of sensors means that the Hydro-Net system can be used for many different applications such as monitoring of critical systems in District Energy, Data Centres, Critical process waters, critical cooling, critical heating systems, potable water systems etc.

Hydro-X Group have years of experience working with our customers ensuring that where remote water quality monitoring systems are used they are tailored to the customers needs and requirements as to ensure they are used in the most efficient way. The benefits of the Hydro-Net systems are as follows: minimises call outs to site; real time data collection; risk reduction; plant life extended; reduces unbudgeted spend; improves trending and data clarity.

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