DW144 Access Door Installation


BESA DW144 – Sheet Metal Ductwork specifies that an access panel is to be provided adjacent to items of in-line equipment that require either regular servicing or intermittent access. The opening will be sized to provide hand and/or arm access only and the system designer shall specify the size and location of panels where larger openings are required.

It shall be standard practice to provide access panels for the inspection and servicing of plant and equipment as listed below. Table 20 that follows, summarizes these requirements under the heading of those panels to be fitted by the ductwork contractor.

Table 20: Location of access panels for inspection/*servicing and/or internal cleanliness*

In-Line Equipment Location Party Responsible for provision of suitable access panel
Ductwork Contractor Specialist Cleaning Contractor
Control Dampers Both Sides Up-Stream Panel Down-Stream Panel
Fire Dampers Both Sides To suit damper maintenance Opposite Side
Heating/Cooling/Re-Claim Coils Both Sides Panels on Both Sides
Attenuators (Rectangular) Both Sides Up-Stream Panel Down-Stream Panel
Attenuators (Circular) Both Sides Up-Stream Panel Down-Stream Panel
Filter Sections Both Sides Up-Stream Panel Down-Stream Panel
Air Turning Vanes Both Sides Up-Stream Panel Down-Stream Panel
Changes of Direction Both Sides One panel to suit
In-Duct Fans/Devices Both Sides Up-Stream Panel Down-Stream Panel
Inlet/Exhaust Louvres Both Sides One panel to suit
        Intermediate Cleaning Panels To suit frequency specified in TR/19 and DW/172

BS EN 9999 specifies that access panels installed should be of a construction that has at least the same fire resistance as the element they are fitted into.

Access Doors

Standard DW144 Spiral access panel

Standard DW144 Rectangle access panel

DW144 access door with saddle


DW144 access door with intumescent coating (With post certification)

At Hydro-X Fire, not only can we install sufficient access into your ductwork systems, but we can also assist with the following fire damper services:

Fire damper installation & replacement

These come in many forms from small perforation to fire damper units located completely outside of the fire break.

Fire Damper Testing:

This should be carried out by law at least on a 12-monthly basis.

Fusible Link Sourcing & Replacement

These com in many forms and sizes and are a vital piece in the functionality of the fire damper and efficiency of the HVAC system

Fire Stopping

Your fire stopping needs to be inspected and any defects rectified to ensure the effectiveness of the fire plan and the safety of the occupants using the building

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