Legionella Compliance Services – Assessment and Control

A robust legionella services programme is key to ensuring you meet the latest standards in legislation while simultaneously preventing the spread of legionella bacteria.

Hydro-X provides training, legionella risk assessment and monitoring programmes that give full assurance that there will be no compliance gaps. We will endeavour to educate fully about preventing waterborne pathogens which cause legionnaires disease in water systems, and with our vast experience in a wide range of health and safety courses our experienced trainers can be trusted to cover all aspects of legionella risk.

Legionella Services you can Trust

Our qualified risk assessors have vast experience with high quality legionella testing and have dealt with numerous cases where further control of legionella bacteria in water is needed. The work carried out simultaneously satisfies your companies need to adhere to the acop l8 regulations and guidance.

Control measures can take the form of ongoing maintenance activities such as: flushing of low usage outlets; temperature monitoring; descaling of shower heads; inspecting water tanks and calorifiers. All these control measures will be given in order to reduce the risk of bacterial growth in the water systems.

The actions taken following a risk assessment should be recorded in a site log book (and kept for 5 years) and the risk assessment should be reviewed regularly to minimise the risk of exposure.

We provide a full support service and a wide range of legionella products and services (including assessment and control) which all help to combat the bacteria in water systems, and it has been used over the years as a fully comprehensive solution.

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