Process & Wastewater Treatment Engineering Solutions

Process and wastewater treatment is of increasing importance within the modern world. As the planet’s population grows, so does the need for water. This life-giving resource is used to produce food, create energy and to manufacture goods.

Wastewater itself is not something we as a society or industry leaders can afford to treat as a by-product of our everyday lives. But with increasing populations and greater consumer expectations, our customers’ processes have to expand and adapt at a lightning pace to meet demand. This expansion can bring with it greater water use and in turn greater water inefficiencies.

In fact, wastewater going to drain, whether to sewers, via surface or groundwater discharge, or tankered away in trucks represents a huge financial cost for our customers. Not only in terms of money, but also with increasing carbon footprints for storage, pumping, diesel for transport, and clean-up operations. It’s because of this that the team at Hydro-X Engineering have such a deep respect for H2O and wastewater. We understand that there will continue to be a growing need within society and industry for its usage. A need that if left unchecked, is predicted to outstrip supply by 40 percent as early as 2030. That’s a worry. But it’s also an opportunity.

wastewater treatment

Future-proof your business with modern wastewater treatment

To ensure we all live and work within a prosperous, safe and peaceful future, it’s time to discover the benefits of improved process and wastewater treatment. Increasingly, many of our customers have been doing just that. Assessing the water used across their sites and processes, while looking at ways Hydro-X Engineering can help them reduce the water that is sent off-site as a waste product, “wastewater”.

Of course, many of our customers already have wastewater treatment systems in place. Some are already within their consent limits for discharge. Yet even in these circumstances, Hydro-X Engineering prides itself on being able to add value, improve efficiency and reduce cost, even for these already compliant customers. In turn, creating a cleaner, more sustainable, brighter future for all.

How our sustainable and efficient wastewater treatment can help your business

Hydro-X Engineering and our experienced process and wastewater team can:

  • Improve wastewater quality to meet or exceed existing discharge consents. This directly reduces Operating Expenses as well as having the added benefit of reducing the overall waste from site.
  • Reduce wastewater volumes, by optimising the wastewater process and maximising chemical and equipment efficiencies.
  • Design and install bespoke process water reuse systems.
  • Reduce sludge volumes by implementing sludge dewatering and drying processes which will reduce the water content and therefore reduce total operational costs.

Our comprehensive range includes:

  • Custom engineering for filtration and process treatment, including the implementation of wastewater treatment equipment components such as Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF), Submerged Air Floatation (SAF), Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane treatment etc.
  • Secondary treatments used to further treat process wastewater for reuse.
  • Chemical dosing and control systems.
  • Wastewater analysis, chemical consultation, and selection. All based on lab and field work, in order to maximise system performance, and improve overall efficiency.

Water reuse and recycling with Hydro-X Engineering

Industrial water reuse and recycling is a process where wastewater produced from one source is treated so it can be re-used in a secondary process. Saving water, energy and cost. In order to help you achieve your increasingly important sustainability targets, Hydro-X Engineering works collaboratively with your internal teams to reduce waste and cost while improving your site’s carbon footprint. We do this by surveying and assessing the various wastewater streams from site, before treating ready for reuse. This can vary from cooling tower bleed water recovery, to process water treatment systems.

Benefits of water reuse and recycling with Hydro-X Engineering:

  • Reduce fresh water costs
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Reduce wastewater flows
  • Improve production through the availability of clean water
  • Increase sustainability (local, national and global)
  • Positively increase the public and corporate image of your company with good citizenship.
  • Become an active global ambassador for the importance of sustainability and water reuse.

Identifying industrial water reuse opportunities within your business

Before determining how to reuse waters, it’s important to consider where potential water reuse opportunities and efficiency savings exist. Hydro-X Engineering can help you identify such opportunities, but common areas within an industrial plant may include:

  • Wastewater recycling
  • Cooling tower blowdown
  • Boiler blowdown
  • RO reject recovery and reuse
  • Once through cooling water


Are you ready to improve sustainability, and reduce waste, water, and energy? Request a callback from one of our team today…