Bespoke Process Engineering Projects

Water is used extensively across all sectors and settings. As populations boom, temperatures rise, and demand on industry grows, this water usage is only set to increase. In addition to our basic human needs for washing and drinking, the total water footprint of many consumer goods is staggering.

Behind these numbers are a wide range of people, businesses, processes, infrastructures and water quality requirements. There also lies the opportunity to ensure this water usage is as efficient and sustainable as it possibly can be. In turn, helping to protect this vital human resource for generations to come.

At Hydro-X Engineering, we’re committed to being as pro-active, adaptable, and innovative as our customers are to make this water-focused future a safe and prosperous reality.

Tackle future water challenges with Hydro-X Engineering’s bespoke approach

Our knowledgeable team at Hydro-X Engineering has extensive hands-on experience in designing and implementing bespoke process engineering products and services to tackle our customers’ unique water and wastewater challenges.

Examples of bespoke projects include but are not limited to:

  • Oil removal from cooling water circuit at a food production facility. Utilising bespoke oil separation and removal filters to improve the cooling water quality, reduce loading and frequency of cleans on pumps and fans, as well as improving chemical regime performance.
  • Gas removal from wastewater streams. When wastewater breaks down, dissolved gasses can be left present in the water. These gasses can cause corrosion and environmental harm. By targeting the removal of these gasses, we can ensure the water quality is fit for purpose.
  • River water filtration and treatment. By designing a bespoke filtration system, we are able to treat river water to ultrapure water (UPW), for use in power generation or other applications where UPW is required.
  • Distribution centre tray wash water recycling. Tray and Dolav washing are highly water-intensive. By designing and implementing a system to collect and treat this water for reuse, customers are able to save water and reduce the overall impact of their process.
  • Efficient high flow cryptosporidium filtration systems. Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that causes the diarrheal disease cryptosporidiosis. By implementing a custom-designed UF system, customers are able to reduce the loading on their pumps which reduces energy usage when compared to traditional cartridge filtration.

The process: collaborative, analytical, bespoke and effective

Hydro-X Engineering is a modern, data and analytics-driven business with a belief in effective creative ideas. Whether pro-actively approaching our customers with ideas for service improvements, or being approached ourselves, we’re passionate about getting the job done to the highest of standards. In either situation, we start with a good old-fashioned conversation.

Not only to discuss the challenges being faced, but also to ensure all parties understand the wider logistical, financial, ecological and sustainability issues at hand. This initial consultation is then followed up with a site survey and a meeting with all key stakeholders for additional peace of mind. Next, it’s time for us at Hydro-X Engineering to get to work. Researching the problem, equipment and process engineering considerations, as well as in some cases carrying out lab work, field tests, and analysis. We can then compile a budget proposal that will include an overview of the challenge and opportunity at hand. We include at this stage a budget investment figure. This will give us the ability to discuss funding options as well as Return On Investment (ROI) payback.

Once the scope of work has been agreed, we can continue to work collaboratively with customers and key stakeholders including external agencies such as water suppliers, Environment Agency, independent consultants and local residents. We do this to finalise the design and specification of the equipment, as well as taking in any logistical considerations to ensure all parties are fully informed and excited for our work to be carried out. The implementation of Hydro-X Engineering’s work should be as seamless and low-impact for our customers as possible. This means that we work tightly to pre-arranged project plans, with key milestones and deliverables agreed in advance. All delivered by our project management and installation engineers, who we believe are the best in the industry.

Once our bespoke equipment is installed and commissioned, we hand the system over to our customer, safe in the knowledge that all Hydro-X Engineering projects are completed with the long-term future in mind. Because we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our entire team, as well as the quality of the finished project. This commitment to quality and our customers is delivered within our ongoing service and maintenance package, ensuring all cost and performance efficiencies remain at the cutting-edge of water treatment technology.


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